Do I enjoy TV?-25/4/18

Do I Enjoy TV?-25/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this is about TV and whether I enjoy it these days. I would also love to hear about your opinions of TV and whether you watch much of it these days. Anyway let’s get into this blog.

As a child I used to watch loads of TV to be honest. I used to watch all the normal kids stuff but I also watched stuff like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Catchphrase and You’ve Been Framed. I don’t feel like TV is really worth watching these days as there’s not many shows that are fully original these days and even at that they can all be watched online in one form or another.
Gone are the days when you had to record things or actually have to rush back in order to watch stuff because you couldn’t get in on things like BBC IPlayer or 4OD. The only things I really watch on TV anymore are football and other sports like Formula One. I don’t really have the ability to concentrate on TV anymore as I’m usually too busy checking out content on social media or promoting my blog as well talking to my girlfriend.
So guys at the end of the day I barely enjoy TV anymore but I think that’s because some TV shows have went on for far too long and because the originality of shows just barely exists anymore. There’s too many things like X Factor and with other types of TV show there are just far too many as well. I hope one day that we can turn on TV and see some variety and originality but in 2018 it doesn’t seem too likely in the near future. I’d rather listen to music or watch gaming videos on Youtube these days and that has been the case for a long time now.
Thank you for the wonderful blog support guys and thank you for reading. Always remember to stay shining.

8 thoughts on “Do I enjoy TV?-25/4/18

  1. Our family dropped the satelite/cable subscription years ago. I thought I would miss it more but to be honest I really don’t. We get all our TV needs from netflix/hulu and Amazon prime now. The shows on there are more then enough to keep me occupied when I want to watch something and far less expensive then the giant cable bill.

  2. I barely watch tv as of lately. For starters I don’t own one lol. I’m in college so I just stick with YouTube and Netflix. And even those I rarely watch. Too busy being a full time student girlboss πŸ™‚

  3. I am the same, used to watch heaps of tv but barely watch it now. Our tv is always on but as background noise. Way too much reality tv now – cooking comp shows, talent shows etc, news is always bad so i am not interested in watching that and if i do find a show i like they drop it right when i get into it so i just don’t bother now. Blogging and reading blogs has become my thing now.
    Keep up the great work Paul πŸ˜€

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