Twitter vs Facebook-27/4/18

Twitter vs Facebook-27/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about how I see Twitter and Facebook. I will go on to discuss how I have found them while using them and also mention which one I prefer. In the comments feel free to leave your opinion of both and also mention which social media site you prefer. Let’s get into the discussion.

I have used Facebook for 8 years now but I find myself using it less and less these days. I am no longer close to the people I used to speak to on it so now I only use it for the occasional conversation, to tag my girlfriend in things she would find funny or cute and I also keep it incase family want to contact me. I personally feel like it’s handy to talk to people on but it doesn’t really help with anything else in my life. I find that it’s just rubbish for my blog as no traffic whatsoever comes from anyone on it and the groups I was part of just became inactive so quickly.
I have also learned that Facebook is pretty bad for talking about big things like mental health too. When I was at my worst I decided to post about how awful I was feeling and only a handful of people reacted well to me talking about it. I actually got deleted by people for discussing it. I’m sorry but that shouldn’t ever happen and for that reason I rarely discuss anything on Facebook anymore. When my blogs publish they automatically get shared on Facebook as my profile is linked but I never go out of my way to post statuses or share much about my personal life.
I had previously used a Twitter account in 2012/2013 but at that time I used Facebook far more as all of my close friends had it. I had about 4300 followers when I decided to get rid of it as I just felt like I barely used it and I never had anything to tweet about. I have used my current Twitter account since April 2015 and I have managed to grow it up to 12500 followers. I have found that with this account I’ve always had a lot to talk about or use it for.
When I first used this account I began to make friends with random people and I was close to a few of them and ended up meeting them in real life. I have also met my last girlfriend through Twitter and I now have my current relationship because of Twitter too. I find it crazy that the reason I have such a wonderful relationship is because of Twitter and one random follow.
I then benefitted greatly from Twitter when I began to make Youtube videos and speak in more detail about mental health. People on Twitter just seem to be more willing to engage and be supportive when it comes to mental health and that’s why I enjoy using it so much. I have now seen most of my blog engagement come because of my use of Twitter and that’s how most of you guys found my blog. Twitter just works for everything going on in my life and that’s why it’s so great.
My final thoughts
So guys I prefer Twitter over Facebook by far. Everything just makes me feel so comfortable and it’s helped my life improve loads. Comment below with which of the two that you prefer and why as I’d love to read your opinions.
Anyway guys thank you for reading and supporting my content as always. I hope you look forward to more from me and as always stay shining.

14 thoughts on “Twitter vs Facebook-27/4/18

  1. I’ve never been a Twitterer – I don’t know why, it just never caught on with me. But…seeing how positive you’ve found it (and wow at the number of followers!) maybe it’s something I should re-visit… x

  2. That’s was an awful experience. Why would they delete you for sharing your experience?! That’s very insensitive. I rarely post on my FB page, not even my posts – coz I realized none of my family, relatives and friends will like it, comment or even click the post. It hurts. So yeah I prefer Twitter over FB.

  3. I have used FB for years for both personal and work reasons. I am comfortable with it, which is both a blessing and a curse. I love connecting with friends that I see infrequently due to scheduling or distance. It’s a little touch every few days that lets me know things in their lives are okay – or if they are having a problem, that I need to reach out. It also can be a huge time waster. That said, I met my husband and a number of IRL friends through FB, so I will stick around. (Cool that you met your gf on Twitter! Social media is a great way for introverts to connect, I think.)
    I’m totally new to Twitter, so I don’t have any major opinions on it yet. I have met a number of bloggers there, including yourself, so that’s a point in its favor.
    I’m also meeting people through Instagram. Good for people like myself that have a side business handcrafting. For me, it’s jewelry, but so many creative people inhabit this visual space.

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