Being alcohol free for a year-29/4/18

Being alcohol free for a year-29/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about reaching a year in my life without drinking alcohol even once. I reached this milestone on the 28th which is the day before this blog will be out so sorry guys for the slightly late release I guess. In this blog I will go on to discuss the effects of alcohol on my life and how I managed to fight my addiction in order to get to a better place now. In the comments feel free to talk about your relationship with alcohol and also mention any addictions that you have managed to battle and beat.

So guys dealing with alcoholism is actually far tougher when you are mentally destroyed too. At college I was a complete mess and part of this was due to being out drinking excessively 4/5 days a week. I only became addicted because I never gave myself any self care at all. I was caught up in living my life at a million mph and trying to be the typical student out partying constantly and never sleeping. This lifestyle ruined me and when I think about it I am so glad I finished college when I did. I was still in a bad way for about a year after I did but I’d have put myself in an early grave if I kept going like that.
I managed to fight my addiction over a good few months and with the help of my wonderful girlfriend Sophie. Not going out because I was spending loads of time with her has helped me get into the right frame of mind in order to rebuild myself. The main thing with an addiction that you need to do first is to admit you actually have it in the first place. It took me a while but I eventually seen what was happening to me and I couldn’t let it go on. I would have ended up ruining my entire life and I had to take back the reigns and get my life in gear and on track again.
When I look back at old pictures from nights out I just see an empty shell of a human being that wasn’t actually living a life at all. I see someone who was too broken to keep going and someone who was permanently worn out fighting with themself to get by. Nowadays I realise how lucky I was to actually make it by because once an addiction happens some people aren’t as lucky. I was a broken man but now I have overturned everything and learned from previous mistakes. I know how to say no to alcohol and I know my limits physically and mentally. If I know anything makes me really uncomfortable then I won’t engage in it at all.
I have control of my life and there’s no going back for me to the dark days. I am far stronger than I’ve ever been and I am in the best place for me right now with a supportive girlfriend and a supportive social media following. I never want to throw that away so I’m just never gonna do that or drink again.
This has been my blog post guys. I am so greatful for the love and support that you guys continue to show me. Thank you for reading and just remember to always stay shining.

14 thoughts on “Being alcohol free for a year-29/4/18

  1. First of all, well done! I hope you’re proud of yourself because I sure am, I come from a family of alcoholics (neither my parents or me use alcohol at all), so I know what an incredible challenge it is to give up drinking. This is a big milestone, and a brilliant one at that.

  2. I rarely drink. At an urgent care I had a med asst mock this fact. He didn’t much like it when I started talking why I can’t drink. Def. took advantage that I was too sick to really say much =\.
    My medical problems I exhibit many of the effects of alcohol. Dizziness, numbness, off-balance and slur speech.. lol.. I don’t find those fun & taking alcohol adds to my problems. lolol

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! That is amazing and I’m so grateful you shared that with us! It’s inspirational! I don’t even like the taste of alcohol but I don’t drink more because alcoholism runs in my family. It’s amazing you’ve been able to accomplish this awesome milestone!

  4. Congratulations on your one year sobriety! My mom was Sober until the day she died. It wasn’t easy but once she got clean she stayed clean! Thank you for sharing!

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