Random topic series-Bullying-2/5/18

Random topic series-Bullying-2/5/18
Hey guys I am back with the first blog of my random topic series and this one will be about bullying. This was a big issue that I grew up suffering therefore I felt like I can finally do a blog about it as I needed a big topic to start my new schedule off. I would love for you guys to also leave your opinions in the comments below too as I’d love to know if you have experienced bullying and what you done in order to end it.

So bullying was a big part of my growing up and I had to deal with so much of it. I think that I was picked on purely because of my Asperger’s to be honest as I had a special assistant in order for me to have the help there if I felt uncomfortable in class or needed help understanding what anything meant in any of my classes. I couldn’t control my Asperger’s at that point so having an assistant teacher was absolutely necessary. Unfortunately this lead to me being called all sorts of horrible things as well as being hit for no reason on multiple occasions.
As I’ve gotten older I’ve became very good at dealing with bullying especially over social media. I’ve had people lash out at me loads and had to deal with trolls and stalkers yet I’ve came through it all with one big smile on my face. I am very good at getting hate from people as I’ve never been scared to just tell the truth no matter what. Being a very open person comes with a problem that people being offended at anything you say will constantly create drama due to the fact that they cannot handle you having your own opinion and that they cannot control you. It’s gonna be part of my life but I couldn’t care less anymore and I can handle it so I’m always ready for it.
I think the biggest thing about bullying is that it’s so hard to control and deal with. In school a lot of people will just tell teachers that they are being bullied in order to play the victim when in fact it is them that are carrying out the bullying. I also find that teachers are absolutely hopeless at dealing with it because they rarely see it. One thing to know is that bullies are great at catching people on their own and where nobody can see the bullying going on. It is also seen as being uncool to tell a teacher on a bully when in actual fact any child who sees an act of bullying going on should tell every teacher or senior member of staff immediately so that it can be dealt with.
Online bullying is even harder to deal with because social media sites are absolutely dreadful when it comes to dealing with bullying, trolling or just general negativity. I see so much on a regular basis and it’s sad because even in blogging there are a lot of cases of bullying. I think a lot needs to be done in schools and college so that children and teenagers can be aware of how powerful their negative words can be as well as encouraging others to prevent bullying by stepping in if they see any bullying occuring. Bullying can affect mental health so much and that’s what I hate about it. If anyone has ever dealt with bullying or just feeling bad in general you can always talk to me about it in private and I will give you advice on how to deal with it. The internet should be free of negativity and that is even more essential as we spend so much time on social media these days.
Anyway guys this has been my random topic blog on bullying. Feel free to comment your opinion on bullying and how you’ve dealt with it.
Thank you for reading guys and if you want me to talk about a random topic in particular then comment below and I will be happy to write a blog about it.
Thank you for the amazing support and always remember to stay shining.

10 thoughts on “Random topic series-Bullying-2/5/18

  1. Bullying is such a horrible thing to go through, so I’m glad you’ve managed to come through it with a smile on your face! I was bullied a lot for most of my life, for what I now realise were the most ridiculous reasons. I’m glad that social media wasn’t such a big thing back then, and it’s awful that some of the young people today can’t escape their torment.
    Great post.
    Ruth | http://www.ruthinrevolt.com

  2. Bullying is traumatic. Iโ€™m sorry you went through it. I was bullied terrible from 4th-6th grade. Starting when people found out I was sexually assaulted. Isnโ€™t that an awful thing to bully someone about? I started getting called names like slut and being called a prostitute and a couple times got jumped by girls and in fifth grade was assaulted by a boy in front of other boys as they laughed at me. Bullying is probably now one of my biggest buttons to push as I canโ€™t stand the thought of anyone being bullied. You were very brave for sharing this. And itโ€™s awful theyโ€™d bully you about something you canโ€™t control ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ Great post! So glad youโ€™re on top now and these things no longer bother you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience bullying, too. It’s sadly something that’s not even limited to school life, it can be anywhere, any time, any age, online and offline. I was bullied (though still struggle to write that, never having applied the word to myself when I was younger) through high school and it was pretty traumatic for me, even though I know others would have had it far worse than I did. I also experienced it online, and that was way back when emails and the internet was still in their early stages. There’s wasn’t Facebook and social media obsessions; itt was just emails, and cyber bullying wasn’t a ‘thing’ that was known of. In terms of what I did about school, where it was mostly verbal and threats, but occasionally more physical things like chewing gum in my hair and being locked in a closet, among other things, I never really stood up for myself. I was blackmailed about telling anyone but my parents got involved when the head teacher called me up for my behaviour (a lie that I’d done something I clearly hadn’t, while the bullies weren’t even given a verbal telling off for any of the things they’d done for over a year by that point). I understand it differently as an adult in terms of why they may have done what they did and grouped together in the way they did. I’m grateful in that I’ve not experienced work-placed bullying nor cyber bullying (only minimally) as an adult. I do feel that I’m far more confident and assertive now and can stand up for myself. Perhaps that’s what high school bullying gave me – the impetus to grow, to learn from those experiences, the desire to stand up for others and myself that may experience it in later life.
    Quite the topic… sorry for rambling, I think once I started (and have never discussed this openly before) I wasn’t sure where to stop!
    Caz x

  4. Firstly I’m sorry that you got bullied ๐Ÿ™ I hate bullying of any kind. I’ve been bullied in the past but a different kind. I teach my daughter’s to be kind always and with social media, be careful. I always stick with if I see something I don’t like, just scroll through, don’t comment, move on! Some people just don’t get it, they think they have the right to say something nasty just because they can! If everyone was just a little more thoughtful and kinder what a wonderful world it would be. Well done for being brave enough to share your story. xo

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