My Honest Opinion On Blogging-4/5/18

My Honest Opinion On Blogging-4/5/18
Hey guys I am back with the first blog in my honest opinion series and throughout this series in order to encourage more interaction from you guys I’d love for you to suggest topics that you’d love to find out my honest opinion on as well as leaving your opinion on the topic I have written about in the blog that you have just read. I thought I’d start by doing my honest opinion on blogging as I’ve now been doing it for nearly 9 months and it’s a good starting point as it is such a big topic that I haven’t written about too often. I will go into multiple points in this post too so let’s get right into the content.

Why I started
I’ve always loved the idea of creative writing. As a kid I always used to write short stories about random things or incidents that happened in the dreams I had. I’ve always had shed loads of creativity that I never had the time to use and I spent age 18 to 22 being too busy with life or not in the right mental state. I am so glad that I was in a much better place from last year onwards because it meant that I could make use of this creativity and help others out. Helping others out mentally was the initial plan with my blog and I’d love to help and inspire more people and that’s why I still keep going.
The workload aspect of blogging
To create 4 new blogs a week I need a lot of spare time. As I am unemployed just now it is a little easier but I do so much else as well as needing time to eat, sleep, relax and do social media promotion for my blog so it isn’t that easy. I have no idea how I will hold together when I have a job but I’m sure after a while in it I will get comfortable with my schedule.
Another 2 things that you need for blog work are a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I always find a way to generate energy even if I’ve barely slept and my enthusiasm and passion for blogging are super strong. They are so essential because anyone can lose interest while reading a post if they feel like there’s no energy or time that have went into it. I always write with raw emotion and I feel like that is also my main strength.
The Blogging Community
I love the blogging community to be honest. I feel like I’m so well supported by so many people due to the fact a lot of people are so friendly and willing to help. I am part of awesome group chats where I can discuss literally anything with any member of the group. There are a few things I don’t like such as the drama and the follow/unfollow culture that some people bring to it but that’s part of Twitter and social media in general these days anyway so I won’t go into it too much.
I have had little moments of drama but these days you can do everything right and be happy yet some people will still try to bring you down. I am enjoying my blogging community and that is the main thing. We’ve got something special to me going on with my blog and having you guys behind me means more than you will ever imagine. I never thought I’d have any success like this and the engagement has been phenomenal.
Self growth and achieving goals
Blogging has made me grow so much as a person and thanks to you guys I literally smash my way through every single goal I set for the blog. I have crazy levels of ambition for both the near future and far future with my blog. I am realistic though. I would love to be one of the main names in blogging down the line but I know it’s a long ass process and not something I will achieve in a few months. If it takes 10 years minimum I won’t be disheartened.
My feet are firmly on the ground when it comes to what I want to achieve so small, simple goals are the way for me to constantly grow as a person as well as growing my blog following. I spend every single day working out new ideas and as I build my own blog momentum more will come from me. I am no blogging expert yet so I’m still learning so much but that’s only good for me and you guys as it’ll make me bring the best content I can to the table.
Effect of blogging on mental health
I love what blogging has done for my mental health. I used to have so many thoughts all trapped up in my head and nowhere to write them down. Nowadays I can turn any bad mental day into new content using the thoughts I have. I also learned that if you need to take a break from blogging to stop things from being too overwhelming then you absolutely can.
I had a very quiet November in order to settle into a new routine and when I came back to produce a lot more content it was like I’d never been away. People are so supportive when it comes to blogging because a lot of people who spend the time reading about your bad days have been through the exact same so never feel alone. If you are brave enough to discuss your bad days in a blog you will be so surprised because the level of support you will recieve is absolutely outstanding.
The benefits of blogging
For me there are absolutely loads of these but I will give my main ones. I’ve spoken about the community, self growth and expressing creativity already so I won’t go into them again. The main one other than these for me is that anyone can blog about anything they want and that is so cool. All you need is an idea and off you go. I love this side of things because if you only blog as a hobby you don’t need to pay a penny for anything with your blog. I set up on WordPress using only my laptop, my hands and my imagination.
The imagination is such a wonderful thing and the special thing is that we all have one. Imagine a full world of bloggers. All of us could do a wonderful blog if we had the time and energy to put into it to be honest. It is so awesome that we all have the opportunity to do something so special. If you do blog never take your work for granted. Every second that you put into your content is 100% worth it. Even if you only have one person reading your blogs that is still worth it. You could inspire so many people so never give up on it no matter how bad you feel.
My Conclusion
My honest opinion on blogging is that it is……..
Thank you for reading my first post of my honest opinion series guys and be sure to leave your opinions of blogging as well your thoughts regarding my blog and any topics that you’d love me to cover. I am willing to give my honest opinion on any topic so don’t be afraid to suggest anything.
Thank you for the amazing support and don’t forget to stay shining.

8 thoughts on “My Honest Opinion On Blogging-4/5/18

  1. This is a great post! I’m unemployed at the moment, too, and it already takes up so much of my time. It amazes me that people can do this alongside a job haha.
    I’m so glad that it’s having such a positive impact on your life. I feel the same way – it’s amazing and I wish I had jumped in sooner.
    Ruth |

  2. I LOOOOVE this post! I’m currently unemployed also and this blog takes up almost ALL of my time! Smh it’s great tho! I love the community as well. I haven’t really come across drama which I’m grateful for but it looks like we started our blogs at around the same time!! I started mine in August of last year! I’m glad you love blogging πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ the love of supporters from blogging is incomparable!

  3. This is such a refreshingly positive, passionate post and it really it amazing to hear someone be so jazzed about writing and blogging. You’re right in saying that raw emotion and energy ‘speaks’ through a blog and it’s important to have that zest for writing to be successful. I’ve learned a lot from blogging, too, and I’ve found the online community I’ve ‘met’ as a result to be incredible! =]

  4. I love hearing how blogging has helped you in so many ways. It is much the same for me.

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