My Weekly Thoughts-6/5/18

My Weekly Thoughts-6/5/18
Hello everyone, I am back with the first blog in my last new series of the three that I have started this week called My Weekly Thoughts. In this series, I will take a look back on the week has just gone by and discuss some of the things going on in my life. I will also be willing to talk about anything that you guys suggest too. I will be talking about my blog, social media, health both physical and mental and so much more across this series. Let’s get into it.

This week has been particularly odd for my health, to be honest. Mentally I’ve felt pretty drained whereas I had a shocker through Friday night and Saturday morning. I felt super sick and it changed so many of my blog plans. I never got to do any writing through Friday after my interview and I was so tired through Saturday that I am only now awake enough to be writing this blog at 1am into Sunday. I know it’s not normal for me to produce content so close to a deadline as I pride myself on excellent organisation but yeah guys anyone of us can have an off-day so don’t worry when you do.
Social Media
My social media has been wonderful to use this week. I’ve seen loads of blogger positivity and had loads of fun engagement through tweets, group chat conversation and blog comments. I’m probably going through a spell of using my Twitter more than ever lately but I think it’s because I find it so healthy and positive to use right now. Everyone has been so supportive and that’s something that there needs to be more of for everyone. I always enjoy talking to you guys on social media because I love to learn more from people and understand things from multiple perspectives.
My Blog
This week has been absolutely massive for my blog because of the new series starting. I was so nervous going into it because I didn’t know how you would all take the new series. Change for me on my blog has usually come in the form of theme changes and things within a theme such as colour combinations and font use. I have also changed a lot about blog name and the content variation but it hadn’t always worked well.
I am genuinely relieved with the feedback to the first blog in each series so far though. You have all been so supportive and my views from last week have already been increased this week and this is excluding Sunday as this blog will only be up during the day. I am so happy that you all love my changes because as much as I write content for the love of writing, I also write to help and motivate you guys. The fact that you all seem more positive because of my changes encourages me to work harder and produce even better content. I am planning to keep these series going for a good few months anyway and as I have had a few new followers too, the positive signs are there.
Friday’s Job Interview
I had a bit of a nightmare to begin Friday, to be honest. I had major trouble sleeping so before my interview so I never got to sleep until about half 5/6am and I had to be up at 9ish as my interview was at 11am. When I got to where my interview was I also had no idea where in the building I was supposed to go. The company only rent an office in the Co-Operative building, therefore, there wasn’t really any clear instruction of where to go in order to find them. I had to e-mail the woman I had been in contact with in order to find out where they were. I had been in the Co-Operative building for 15 minutes but everything was only sorted at 11am but she understood how difficult it was to find them.
This was the first time I was interviewed by 3 people too. It was pretty scary being interviewed by their top HR person, the managing director and their main accountant who would be the person I would be working under if I was successful in getting the job. I am happy with how the interview went by. It was a 45-minute interview and considering that I haven’t had many that are so long I handled it like a champion. I think I managed to play up to my strengths and they also mentioned so many times how my main characteristics were things that worked massively in my favour.
The managing director of the company also explained how their staff turnover is very low and that made me excited about the possibility of working there. If there has been staff who worked there for upwards of 40 years then it shows how staff morale and job security are insanely high. I do need stability and this would be ideal for me. I have a lot to offer and I just need the right chance to show it. The crazy thing is that I made it through 3 stages in order to get to that interview so it shows that I must have something going right for me. I will need to wait a few days to know whether I am successful but I would feel good regardless because I’ve had an interview like that.
My week overall
I think I have had a good week but not a great week. If I hadn’t been feeling awful for a bit of it and a bit drained early on then I’d have 100% said that it was a great week. Next week could easily be better as I have another interview for an admin job on Friday and I will probably have heard back from that Friday’s by the time I write the next blog for this series. There is a lot to build on from this week and that makes me excited about it. I hope to work on my blog content a bit more too as I’ve been thinking that I can write more while keeping you guys engaged with my content.
As always guys I would love to thank you for reading and supporting my content. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the new series’ and writing the content for them. You guys have been super supporters and that makes blogging special to me. Stay shining guys.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve definitely been these where I’ve been sick and unable to complete my blog post goals. I’m sure you’ll bounce back this week and get back on track. Congrats on the new series.

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