Random Topic Series-My Music Taste-9/5/18

Random Topic Series-My Music Taste-9/5/18
Hey everyone, I am back with another blog from my random topic series and this one is about my taste in music and what genres of music I enjoy the most. I have been asked a couple of times about my music taste and I thought I could blog about it. Please share your taste in music in the comments below too as I’d love to learn about them.

Music has been one of the best inventions ever, to be honest. There is so much talent in the music industry that has been discovered and even more than people haven’t come across yet. I also want to take this moment to discuss the demands that the industry brings too. I am saddened by the fact we lost Chester Bennington and Tim Berg(Avicii) both to suicide. Both were incredibly talented and will always be sorely missed.
It’s crazy how music has evolved too over the decades. At times I wish I grew up 20/30 years earlier because imagine growing up with the icons like Michael Jackson and Elvis not to mention AC/DC, Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses. That would be have been so amazing.
We are now in the times where discovering music on the internet is a big thing and a great one too. With sites like Youtube, I-tunes, Spotify and so many more we have more access to music than ever before and that can only be a good thing as much as it has destroyed the CD market. Music always moves with the time I guess. Always remember that music is all instant access and barely a few clicks away or a press or two of a button on your tv remote.
One thing I do find bad is that too many chart songs are overexposed on both the radio and TV music channels but I fully understand that new songs need to be played a lot for more people to find them. I understand that concept of marketing a lot especially now as a blogger who is only trying to get their content out there to more people.
Nightclub DJs also play a lot of the same stuff very regularly from my nightlife experiences but nothing is better than being brought together with your friends over the love of a great song with a good beat. Dancing through the night was the main thing I do miss about going on nights out but that stage of my life is over and I’ve moved on. I always listen to music while writing my blogs too so I do toe tap and sing here and there which also makes me happy.
Over the years my music taste has changed dramatically. I used to only listen to chart stuff when I was 10/11 years old. I couldn’t really listen to much else, to be honest, I was more of a TV person back then. I’d barely listen to music ever as I was too busy watching TV or gaming. I then went through a phase of listening to some DJ stuff but not too much and these days I listen to mostly EDM music. I find that songs with a quicker, more upbeat tempo help me focus on blog writing and gaming more than anything.
Back in the day, I’d only listen to bands like The Killers, McBusted, Mcfly, Coldplay and The Script whereas now I have loads of different artists. In my life, I have been to 6 concerts all in Glasgow except Anastacia in Edinburgh with Sophie. I have seen Mcfly twice, Mcbusted once and The Script twice. Seeing The Script in February was absolutely amazing and it was the last concert that I had went to. It was also the first one in Glasgow that I had been to with Sophie and only the 2nd overall so that was special too. It will be interesting to see what my music taste is like further down the line too.
In the comments, I would love for you guys to talk about your music taste and if it’s changed at any point I would love for you to talk about how these changes made you feel. I am delighted with the blog support lately guys and as always I will thank you so much for reading my content. I will now leave a list of songs below that I enjoy currently.
Song List
Lucas & Steve x Janieck-You don’t have to like it
Don Diablo ft Calum Scott-Give me love
Armin Van Buuren ft James Newman-Therapy
Lost Frequencies ft James Blunt-Melody
Lucas & Steve-Source
Armin Van Buuren Ft Josh Cumbee-Sunny Days
Banx & Ranx + Ella Eyre-Answerphone
3LAU ft Bright Lights-How you love me
David Guetta & Sia-Flames
Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa-One Kiss
Alan Walker-The Spectre
Imagine Dragons-Whatever it takes
Tritonal & Paris Blohm ft Sterling Fox-Colors
Armin Van Buuren ft Kensington-Heading up high
Sigala, Paloma Faith-Lullaby
Post Malone ft Ty Dolla Sign-Psycho
Merk & Kremont-Sad Story
Robin Schulz ft James Blunt-Ok
Hardwell ft Mitch Crown-Call me a spaceman
Kodaline-Follow your fire

4 thoughts on “Random Topic Series-My Music Taste-9/5/18

  1. I honestly love so many different genres of music it’s hard to say BUT I loooove The Script. Like they are my fave. I’ve never been to a show but if I was to go to one I’d probably completely lose my mind because I adore them. Lol. I do also however love reggae music, I love jazz, I love hip-hop. I enjoy mostly 90s music and early 2000s than things that come out now. But I like rap like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. I also love Alicia Keys. She’s my favorite female singer on the planet. And then I love Natasha Bedingfield. My taste ranges a LOT.

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