My Honest Opinion on Body Shaming-11/5/18

My Honest Opinion on Body Shaming-11/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is a big one for me as it’s a topic I feel very strongly about. The topic of body shaming is an interesting one because it’s a mainly female thing. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it happens to males too. In this blog, I will go into my honest opinion on body shaming as a whole and I will talk about my experiences of body shaming as it has happened to me.

My Personal Experiences
I’ll start off with my own experiences in this blog. Basically, I was a bit overweight and that made me petrified to get changed in P.E as it meant showing that stomach I wasn’t proud of. I was picked on for it so I just had no body confidence at all. Even when I lost the weight going through high school people still found things about my body to badmouth me about.
I’ve always been super pale and quite spotty so that never goes in my favour either. I’ve been referred to as a milk bottle a load of times throughout my life as well. Another thing is the fact that since I’ve lost a bit of weight, I sweat so badly and I don’t even need to do much for that to happen. I just can’t handle heat and I even got a lot of stupid comments about that. People used to claim that I didn’t wash and that I looked like I was always in a shower and that used to annoy me so much.
Nowadays I can handle what people say so well and I am a lot more confident with my body. I am not the finished article and I’d love to do more exercise when I was back in a proper routine but I’m happier than I ever been with myself physically. I am not one of those gym guys who are just all muscle but I expected that to happen as I’ve had numerous shoulder problems and ankle injuries. I will get there though to 100% happiness as I always get to where I wanna be.
Fat Shaming
Where do I start with this? I feel so sorry for females because they deal with far more of this than males. It’s horrific and I understand why most girls feel so bad about their body. Social media is a war zone for girls being shamed for not having a flat stomach and it’s down to things like clothes sizes and modelling agencies as well as the typical Instagram model.
I’ve seen so many girls who are skinnier than me call themselves fat when they are so far from it and this is not okay. They have been subject to really horrific comments from people who don’t even know anything about them and it’s sad to see. The way I see things is that anyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own body no matter what size they are whether it is large or small.
I saw a tweet regarding a campaign about body confidence and some of the responses were absolutely disgusting. The sad reality is that most of them were from males or really bitchy females. There is absolutely no need to be negative to anyone because it’s not right and it’s their life to live. They choose how they want to live and if they are bigger then that is completely okay. There are risks with being a lot bigger but anyone isn’t safe from health problems so focus on your own life.
Plus size modelling is a thing too mainly in America but it is growing across the world and tbh I think that’s a very good thing. The main idiotic comment that I see a lot is that they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. They are promoting the fact that you should be comfortable in your own skin plus do you really think Barry from Stoke who smokes like a chimney and drinks every weekend at his local pub is in any position to comment on the lives of others when he makes unhealthy choices too? Everyone makes an unhealthy choice at one point or another but nobody should be judged for making them. Let’s make bigger people feel confident in their own skin and encourage them to live and enjoy their life.
A lot of people who overeat eat do so because of mental health problems, poor dietary education or addiction to food. That last one is the one I hate the responses to as well. Apparently, food isn’t an addiction and you can easily eat less and put down the fork. However, it is far from simple. Your mind is the biggest danger to you in life and it can easily trick you. There have been times when even I have thought I was hungry but then once I’ve cooked the food I haven’t been anywhere near finishing it. Moral of this is that food is just as big an addiction to alcohol or drugs. In fact, to so many people, junk food is their drug so think before you speak.
A fat shaming double standard
The only thing that I hate when it comes to big guys vs big girls is the double standard that is created on social media where larger girls are congratulated if they are in relationships with skinny guys yet when it’s a guy who is larger and in a relationship with a skinny girl they are shamed and told to lose weight. How on earth is that fair at all? Guys have body confidence issues too as I know from experience even to this day. I think big guys should get the same treatment as big girls when it comes to situations like this. Anyone who fights against their own issues well enough to get into a happy relationship gets a massive congratulations and a high five from me any day. Let’s just not shame anyone yeah?
This is a really frustrating thing to see just like fat shaming for me. A lot of skinny shaming towards people leads to horrific circumstances such as anorexia, bulimia and anaemia. People are made to feel so bad about being skinny that they deliberately don’t eat or make themselves throw up on purpose. How fucking terrible is that? I’ve seen skinny people being called twiggy, a rake and other really nasty names. Why oh why in 2018 does shaming of any kind exist regarding someone’s body?
Just like with fat shaming, can we please just build up the confidence of skinny people too? Nobody should be afraid to show off their body at all and I think examples need to be set in media and in modelling especially as these will help the positivity over to social media. If done right we could eliminate both ends of the shaming spectrum and that will only make more people feel confident about their own body.
My final thoughts
I know I ended up saying a lot about this topic but I am so full of passion when it comes to body acceptance and body shaming. We are a long way away from a perfect society when it comes to shaming others for how they look and I don’t ever see the issue being completely gone but we can at least make massive steps towards a more confident society, right?
Anyway, guys thank you for reading as always and if you have anything to say on this matter then leave comments below. I’d love for us all to discuss matters in more detail as well as doing more about building other peoples’ body confidence up. Mention any body shaming experiences you have too.
Always stay shining guys.

7 thoughts on “My Honest Opinion on Body Shaming-11/5/18

  1. I’ve been Shamed a lot for being skinny. I’m unbothered by it now but it used to cause severe depression. And I tried hard to gain weight but it wasn’t easy my body burns fat really hard. And I used to have heavy women called me a ‘skinny bitch’ a LOT. Like it was socially acceptable for them to uplift themselves by tearing me down and for awhile it angered me. No size is ugly but they’d make memes calling themselves better than skinny people and folks would tag me in it. I live in America and body shaming towards small women ya fine primarily by big women which amazes me they’d judge after they had to fight through being judged. But now I simply don’t care

  2. Body shaming is the height of cruelty. It’s not something that can be changed easily or quickly, if at all. As you’ve already noted, body size – big or small – is complex mix of genetics, circumstances, mental health, physical ailments etc. If one wishes to attempt changing their body size, he or she is combatting a number of issues, and some of them may not be something that can be overcome.
    I am 54, have CFS/ME, and one of the meds I take for it causes weight gain (it’s an SSRI – which combats the anxiety and pain that can accompany the illness). Guess what? I’m opting to put up with the extra pounds and feel better than concern myself with what society thinks. Being older gives me some perspective on this. I feel bad for the younger people for which it’s a bigger issue. I feel bad for my younger self who was actually slim and still thought I was too fat.
    Good topic!

  3. Body shamers suck! I have had my own personal experience with body shamers, and there was a time when I stepped in a coffee shop, and there was this “gentleman” who made a sort of backhanded nasty comment to me, about another girl who had ordered a crepe! Sick! I am glad you raised awareness to body shaming, but in a more positive light! Keep rocking!

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