My honest opinion on University-14/5/18

My honest opinion on University-14/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about my honest opinion of a university. I haven’t been to university personally but I have had loads of friends who have and I have also read into how it changes your life a lot. I will now go into why I didn’t go and say what my opinion of a university is.

I will go through all of the reasons that I never went to a university and there are a few so strap yourselves in.
I was a bit strapped for cash at the time where I could have moved onto University from college. I knew I’d have needed a job to get through but I just simply didn’t think it was worth it. I was wanting to get out there and earn while using what I had learned from college. I also had student loans from college to pay back and even to this day I still have them. I wish I didn’t but such is life.
I’ve seen loads about how much work you need to do in university. I find it insane how it’s normal for so many people to do so much work for the sake of a degree. After college, I just had no energy at all and that meant all I could do was sleep. I needed it for the sake of everything, to be honest. I had been doing non-stop studying for 3 years at college and that workload destroyed my energy levels so badly and that is why I couldn’t keep going.
Mental Health
My brain was like a car wreck through college and I had no idea what was going on in my head. I could barely cope with stress from anything, to be honest and I just couldn’t face busy areas with loads of people in them. I still get really uncomfortable in large crowds of people but I am a lot better now than I was back then. Even with all of the mental health improvements, I have made now I doubt I’d be able to cope with University. I still feel like that level of stress would be unnecessary right now, therefore, I wouldn’t go to university ever.
Physical Health
I was very ill during college and after I finished I never really got better. I scraped a pass on my HND in business because of the illness too. I would never have coped with going to university while still so ill and even 4 years on I am still a bit of a ticking time bomb when it comes to being unwell. My sleep routine still changes so frequently too so I would have still been prone to illness through that as well. I always end up feeling really faint when I’ve had no sleep and I get pretty dizzy too.
My final thoughts
Despite everything I have said my honest opinion of a university is that it is such a great thing if you feel like it’s right for your life or the job you want in life. I’ve seen a lot of people meet their best friends there and grow so much as a person. I would have definitely gone had circumstances been different for me in my life but I’m not mad about not being in the right state to go. I’ve still developed so much as a person and just because I didn’t go it doesn’t mean that I’m not intelligent. I achieved a lot in college and that is enough growth for me from my education. I have more than made up for the lost educational growth in other areas.
This has been my honest opinion on university guys and in the comments, as always I’d love for you to share your opinions as I value them so highly. Thank you for reading and supporting me as always and don’t forget to stay shining.

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  1. I love your honesty. I didn’t go to college at all. I didn’t because I don’t think it is smart to go if there is not something motivating you to get your certificate or degree. I was never motivated to go to college because what I was passionate about in life didn’t call for a traditional education. Therefore if I were to get an education as a back up or whatever people claim I should do, I wouldn’t have been motivated enough to apply myself. And rather or not you pass a class you have to pay for it. So, why pay to fail a class? If you aren’t passionate about getting your degree there is a good chance you will on some level waste your money. I am not saying I would never go, but I won’t go unless i find something I am passionate about requires it. I educate myself by reading when it comes to the things I am passionate about, so I don’t feel a traditional education were I spend two years tryin to force feed algebra and Biology in my head are necessary. Great post!

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