My honest opinion on job recruitment-18/5/18

My honest opinion on job recruitment-18/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is about my honest opinion on how businesses recruit new staff and why it is far more difficult to get a job than some people actually realise. I will also mention how I felt while unemployed and why my new job is such a relief for me. Also feel free to comment your opinions below of what you think regarding recruitment and also mention how you’ve felt while being unemployed.

Employer expectations
I applied for a crazy amount of jobs when I was looking for my first job. The sad thing is though that I immediately thought I wouldn’t get the majority of them due to ridiculous expectations. It’s so frustrating nowadays because even for trainee positions in most types of job you need at least 3/4 years experience, a university degree and for some odd reason a driving licence.
Most people who would be a trainee level member of staff are about 18 to 24 years old and could also come from college or school so these expectations are already super unfair. The need for a driving licence is also a bit of a weird one. Yeah, I get it for businesses who are located in awkward areas to get to and if the job involves driving but there are a lot of places who favour drivers yet the job is in an easy location to access and the job requires no driving at all.
The best example of this I saw was an office job on the south side of Glasgow in an area where you get a bus every 5 minutes, another every 7/8 minutes and another every 10 minutes and the job description basically said all you are doing is a load of basic office work. I know the south side of Glasgow fairly well, therefore, I had a rough idea where the business was located and it didn’t even have good parking facilities either so even if you did drive I have no idea where you’d even think about parking because you couldn’t park anywhere near the office.
My feelings while unemployed
My first time around was probably the worse of the two in my opinion because it was far longer. I had been really ill for a long period of it but that just made me feel even worse. I just wanted to get better more quickly so that I could get a job and make use of the skills and qualifications I had gained at college. I was constantly frustrated with constant rejections and interviews being unsuccessful even though out of the 16/17 I had before my first job, 13/14 felt good to me. I wasn’t always comfortable with them but considering that I have Asperger’s Syndrome and meeting people is a big ordeal for me I think I managed to do exceptionally well.
The second time I was unemployed was a bit of a sore one to take. Getting let go from a job is such a bad feeling even if you know you gave your best every single day on the job and that you were very poorly managed from day one. In the end, it turned into a breath of fresh air being out of that role because I didn’t feel comfortable in it at all despite being good at what I had to do. Looking for a new job wasn’t easy but it’s taken me just short of 4 months to get into a new one and this was only my 3rd interview since I became unemployed again. I felt great about that interview too so clearly something was meant to go right. I just hope I managed to last in this one and going from the interview I will be in much better hands than before. They have such a low staff turnover and that is music to my ears.
My new job is a relief
As mentioned above, my job is in a place with a low staff turnover and this makes me think that unless you do anything extremely stupid then your job is completely safe. I have my head screwed on the right way so I think that will help me too. Another reason I am relieved is due to the fact that they’ve fully understood the reasons I didn’t have experience before. They thought highly of my blogging too when I told them about that so everything is in my favour it seems. I am an exceptionally hard worker and I feel like everything will go well if I keep that up constantly on the job.
My confidence in my own ability is very high right now and I have realistic ambitions so if I use those effectively and the fact I’m a great team player to my advantage then I could be there for a long, long time. I just want a bit of stability and I feel like this job will offer me that. I’ve reached that stage of my life where so much of it is very settled. The next thing I’d love is to get a house with my girlfriend and I feel like this job will help me achieve that over time.
My final thoughts
I feel like the way businesses recruit is so unfair to people these days and it badly needs to change. There are plenty of people who could do amazingly in a job but are never given the chance to for one reason or another. I understand how competitive the job market is but more people need to be given a better chance in order to keep themselves financially stable.
This has been my honest opinion on job recruitment guys. Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always and don’t forget to stay shining.

4 thoughts on “My honest opinion on job recruitment-18/5/18

  1. Your new jobs sounds great – congratulations on that, by the way!
    I agree with you about the recruitment process. It’s pretty outdated and unfair. I don’t even like the existence of CVs. Well, it’s more than I don’t like all the “rules” which you have to follow. It doesn’t give you an opportunity to express yourself very well. Yet, if you tried something different, people probably wouldn’t like it because it’s not what you’re “supposed to do.”
    I’d like to see a change in how things are done to give other people more opportunities. It’s the whole thing about needing experience, but not being able to get any. I think employers need to be more flexible and consider training people, if they’re the right fit.
    Ruth |

  2. Congratulations on the new job. So happy that it will open the door to other dreams and ambitions you have.
    I completely agree with you, the recruitment process does not match the variety of skills we all possess. Looking forward to reading more about your journey in this new part of your life.
    The Girl Who Writes

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