My weekly thoughts-20/5/18

My weekly thoughts-20/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is another of my weekly thoughts discussions. I will be talking about social media, the first week of my new job, how I feel about my life and my blog. Let’s get straight into it guys.

My new job
The first week absolutely flew in, to be honest. Working 8:45am til 5pm 5 days a week will be tough to get used to but I think I handled the first week remarkably well. I already feel more settled in this job than I ever did in my old job too so that’s the main thing for me. Everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to. I may be the youngest one there but they don’t treat me like that at all. They know I am really capable of learning a lot and becoming very good at everything they can teach me. I can already have conversations about anything with everyone and that will definitely help me long term. My boss has mentioned on multiple occasions that they have big plans for me and that I won’t ever be rushed when it comes to learning new things so this makes me feel far more relaxed too.
Social media
I’ve had the quietest week ever on social media, to be honest. This has been a lot to do with starting my new job but even outside of that I’ve not been doing much on Twitter or Facebook. The problem is that with the weather improving here I’ve been in and out of the house after work too. I’ve not even had time to engage with people at all and I want to be able to fix that a lot. I maybe just need to do more engaging over the weekend from now and where I can during the week but I will figure it out, guys.
My life
My life is in a great place right about now. My job has added a lot of structure to it and now I can finally focus on saving money too so I’m really stress-free right now. I am waking up happy every single day right now with a great girlfriend and a strong routine so there’s nothing much else to add to my life at the moment. I haven’t really had a strong routine since I was at school and I left there 6 years ago now so you can understand my love for a routine as it’s been a long time coming.
My birthday is on the 30th too so I have that to look forward to as well. I am working on my birthday but I will still manage to enjoy it. I already have a few plans for a journey with Sophie during the weekend before it and we are going for a meal on my birthday so I will be happy about that. She’s been great for me so having the ability to spend my birthdays with someone who brings out the best in me is a very special feeling.
My Blog
I’ve not had the best week ever on my blog but that is probably down to people being out enjoying the weather, me working so not being able to promote my content anywhere near as much as before and me being out after work, therefore, losing even more promo time. My blog is in a weird position right now where it’s been far slower growth but still a good amount of likes and comments despite the massive drop in views. I also need to get back to reading other blogs too because I haven’t managed to make time to read any all week, unfortunately.
As I am writing this blog I have decided to change my schedule slightly in order to allow me to promote my blog posts when they go live. I will now post it below:
Monday-6pm UK time
Wednesday-6pm UK time
Friday-6pm UK time
Sunday-12pm UK time
I have changed the midweek blog times because I get home from work anytime between 5:15pm and 5:35pm so I would have already been home for at least 25 minutes by the time a post goes live. That allows me to be sitting with my laptop ready to make sure the post has gone up and I can tweet out about it immediately. I am usually always free at 12pm on a Sunday so I felt like that didn’t need to change at all. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below too as I’d love to know how you feel about these changes.
I’ve had a great week in my personal opinion. It’s been fun and with the new job, I’ve felt like I’m doing a lot more with my life. I also feel like I value free time more due to it too which is a massive boost to me. I have excellent self-care too because of it and I can’t wait to see what comes now with my blog, my job and everything else.
As always guys I would like to thank you so much for reading and supporting my content. Tell me how your week has gone on and always remember to stay shining.

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