My honest opinion on voicing negativity-21/5/18

My honest opinion on voicing negativity-21/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about my opinion on voicing negativity and why it is best to avoid it. I will mention times where I have expressed negativity where I shouldn’t have and what happened as a result of it. As always feel free to mention times where you have voiced negative opinions where you shouldn’t have and also say what happened as a result.

My first example of it is when I had been through a fairly rough and surprising break up. I was so emotionally charged and expressed my frustration when I really shouldn’t have. It leads to arguments that shouldn’t have happened and a lot of unnecessary fallouts that weren’t wanted or needed. Another example I have is when I had a big fall out with a person I used to be friends with. I was bloody livid about how I got treated but I posted so much about it. I feel like the blogs about it were necessary for defending myself but the rest wasn’t at all. I am glad that my life is drama free now because I don’t need any stress right now as I feel like I’m in a great place.
A big thing I know from experience too is that if you are too negative especially on social media, people will just avoid you like the plague. Constant negativity is very draining to read and that is why you should just contain your emotions and avoid expressing it. You are allowed to have negative opinions towards someone or something but you shouldn’t make it unnecessary drama. That just makes you look like a child, to be honest. If you are going to be negative about something too you need to be very constructive with it and say why you dislike it.
For blogging too it is important not to be too negative. Big brands wouldn’t want to work with influencers who are negative constantly on their social media. People will see you as a role model so always look to have a positive influence on the community on social media. I am glad that I am way less hot-headed than I used to be as I find it easier now to help others and be happy in life. I also feel like way more people engage with me and that is a great feeling. There is nothing more that I love than enjoying some good conversation with you guys. It helps me grow as a person and enjoy life.
My honest opinion on voicing negativity is that it should be kept to an absolute minimum. Avoid it at all costs if you can and from experience I know I’d have been way quieter with it if I could control my emotions better earlier. I’d have saved myself so much bother and time.
Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always guys. Remember to comment below with your opinions and never forget to stay shining.

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