Random topic series-Helping Others-23/5/18

Random topic series-Helping Others-23/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is part of my random topic series. I will be discussing my experiences of helping others and why it is so important that we show care for other people as it can make such a massive difference. I will also discuss examples of when people have helped me and also mention how important to me that was for the sake of things like my confidence and mental health.

As you have probably noticed me mention before, I am only alive because of the help I had from someone before when I was at my worst mentally. She helped me at the right time as I was well on my way to giving up on my life even at the incredibly young age of 19. I was so lucky at the time and it taught me that I had someone who cared. Nowadays she isn’t part of my life but I am glad about the time where she was and I will always be grateful for that. Small moments of help can help you so much so never be afraid to reach out for help. It is sad that mental health comes with such a stigma because if it didn’t, suicide wouldn’t be such a big killer.
Another bit of help I have had is with my CV. I was applying for so many jobs each day and nothing seemed to be going my way. My girlfriend took a look at it and started to update it for me. She noticed a few things that I could have improved before but I was too caught up in what jobs to apply for. Once she made the changes I started to get interviews almost immediately. I was so grateful for her help and she is definitely the reason I’ve had a total of 20 interviews now and also the reason I got my first job and now my 2nd.
They were examples of how important help has been for me guys and now I will talk about times where I’ve helped others.
The main time I can think of is with my girlfriend’s mental health. I help her with that on a daily basis because like anyone else, she does have some off days. She does the exact same for me too so it makes me feel great when I can keep her head up like she does for me. She knows she can tell me anything and vent to me at any point in the day. We do have a very strong relationship and obviously, that is a key factor too.
Another time I can think of is when I have helped people with some blogging advice. I am not an expert and I have only been blogging for 9 months but I do know some important things that are useful. People have asked me about the best ways to cope with the workload and things to do to keep blogging as stress-free as possible. These moments make me so confident in myself because I know what it feels like to be a new blogger so when I help others I feel like I’m helping the community become more positive.
Overall, helping others is such a rewarding feeling and I fully understand that some people don’t like to be helped because they are very independent. I was once like that but asking for help is okay and it can help you so much in life.
I hope you all enjoy my content and if you ever need help with anything do feel free to contact me and I will respond when I can.
Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always guys and don’t forget to stay shining.

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  1. This is a wonderful post, and I’m so glad you’ve received some really important help when you needed it most. It’s certainly rewarding to help others, and I also like to think that even though I often feel pretty useless, that I’ve been able to help whenever I can. Giving and receiving help surely makes the world a better place 🙂
    Caz x

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