My honest opinion on veganism-25/5/18

My honest opinion on veganism-25/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is about my honest opinion on veganism. I will mention how I have been spoken to before as a meat eater and I will also mention why I can’t go vegan and why I have respect for those who are vegan. I would love for you guys to share your own opinion of veganism and how you have been treated by vegans.

Why I eat meat
I eat meat because that was how I was brought up. I come from a family who did not have a lot of money and due to this, we had to make the most of every single meal that we had. We had to stick with what we knew that we liked and I am still very fussy to this day. I’ve always had severe anxiety when it comes to trying new foods, therefore, I rarely make changes to my diet.
My diet also has to stay the same for another reason. I hate how my stomach gets when I try new things but unfortunately for me I get sick anytime I make changes to my diet so I’ve had to stick with the same foods for a long time now. Maybe one day I will have shaken that off but for now, I can’t risk making massive changes like that.
Treatment of meat eaters
A big thing I hate about vegans is the common misconception that you aren’t an animal lover if you eat meat. There are loads of meat eaters who have pets and have grown up around animals so it’s a very stupid thing to assume or think. Another thing that annoys me is that the majority of people alive are against animal cruelty but vegans don’t think this at all. Respect for your beliefs is a big thing these days and if you put across your beliefs in an aggressive, over passionate fashion, people will not listen to you at all.
One thing I have been very saddened by on Twitter has been the fact that I’ve had to deal with multiple vegans blocking me just for saying about following doctor’s advice regarding my diet. I had no idea why my doctor said eating meat was going to help me get better but in the end, it has had a great impact and I am a lot better. It’s disrespect like that which damages the vegan campaign.
I firmly believe that the number of vegans will continue to grow and I am happy with that but some of us for medical reasons or other factors will always be unable to go vegan so don’t force it. Any beliefs will be ignored by the majority of people unless they are put across with maturity and a lot of facts.
Treatment of vegans
I know that vegans can mistreat meat eaters so badly sometimes but unfortunately, it goes the other way too. There have been numerous times where I have seen articles in favour of going vegan posted and the first responses have always been immature “jokes” with pictures of bacon or other meat-based products. I do feel sorry for vegans in that sense because they do put up with a lot of stupid comments that they shouldn’t have to deal with.
Why I respect vegans
The main reason I respect vegans is due to the growth in awareness of animal cruelty which has come due to the rise of veganism. Animal cruelty is so damn horrible and I think we should do far more to stop it from happening. Another reason I respect them is due to the fact that your diet becomes so limited and it makes it difficult to find the right foods to gain the vitamins your body needs in order to stay healthy. I can fully understand that it is life changing, therefore, it must be an incredibly difficult decision to make.
This has been my honest opinion on veganism guys. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog content. Also, don’t forget to leave your opinions on veganism in the comments below and always remember to stay shining.

8 thoughts on “My honest opinion on veganism-25/5/18

  1. I disagree with PETA-like people and their very cultish aggressive manner . This is due to the encounter with them in my hometown. Lol.
    But I don’t like the taste of meat most of the time. I live in Oklahoma big beef industry so they’re aggressive with pro-eating animals. Like someone could post a salad recipe and all hell breaks lose.
    But I have dealt with both whackos. We re-home animals abandoned or lost …and there are the weirdos who disagree with ownership of animals alongside their veganism lol. They prefer them to be able to be free and wild or killed to prevent Ownership of an animal…
    I’d prefer an abandoned domestic cat a good home and food over killing them needlessly.

      1. My sister’s had to bring her big doggie to rehome a kitten at the park. Just in case one of the extremists were faking needing a kitty and attacking her. Most are satisfied with profanity laced text messages but there’s still the few.
        No one but them know the logic in acting that way, lol, agreed

  2. I’m vegetarian, not vegan. I’ve had some bad experiences with people’s views. I’ve never understood why me being vegetarian makes some people angry and judgemental. I’ve had bible scripture quoted at me. I’m not pushy about my beliefs but am open about them if someone asks. Otherwise I don’t even explain why I’m vegetarian. However if someone wants to know why I won’t eat marshmallows , don’t get mad that I end up grossing you out, I’m just speaking the truth.

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