My honest opinion on dating-27/5/18

My honest opinion on dating-27/5/18
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about my honest opinion regarding dating. I will go on to talk about my experiences of dating and also mention how I see it as a massive confidence boost for other people. I would also love for you guys to comment on your opinion on dating and any experiences of dating you have had in your life.

My experiences
I haven’t really had much dating experience in my life. I have only properly dated my current girlfriend and we got together so quickly that the day we met is the only thing I’d count as a proper date. The cool thing is though I am now 16 months into that relationship with Sophie and it all literally started with us randomly following each other on Twitter. I am so glad that happened and it’s crazy that without looking for a relationship, I have met the best person I have ever met and I am now in the best relationship I have ever had.
Using social media to find love
I am all for using social media to find someone you could be with in the future if things go well. I have now ended up in 2 relationships in total due to social media and using it that way before has helped my confidence so much. The one thing I will say though is to not be too forward when it comes to getting to know someone. You have all the time in the world so just take it easy and find someone you have a lot in common with. It’s all about building a good connection and that takes a lot of time so just allow yourself to grow as a person while finding the right person.
Confidence boosting
I see dating as a massive confidence boost. Even if the date itself doesn’t go as good as you planned you should still be confident because you’ve put yourself out there and if you suffer any anxiety you’ve managed to overcome that in order to go and meet someone. If it goes well then it can lead to something special too like my meet up with Sophie did so always go on a date thinking positive about the outcome of it. You can grow so much from dating so if you are looking for a relationship or even just a bit of fun with someone new I 100% recommend going for it.
My final thoughts
Dating is great in my own opinion as it can help people so much and put people together who would have never ever approached each other. Things like dating apps help so much too and I have seen people around me grow confident by using them.
Anyway, guys, this is the end of this post. Thank you for reading and supporting my blogs as always and never forget to stay shining.

10 thoughts on “My honest opinion on dating-27/5/18

  1. This is such a great post! I totally agree, social media is great for looking. But, yes like everything else it does have its set backs! I really hope you both continue to have a blossoming relationship. You deserve it!😘 xoxo

  2. I met my current boyfriend on social media and we have practically been together a year. I’m in Ireland and he’s in New Zealand long distance is hard but he’s worth it 😍 great post really enjoyed it!

  3. I met my current boyfriend of two years on a dating site. We are wonderfully and happily in love. We’ve been through a LOT but it’s alright because I truly feel I may marry him. Before him though I did quite a bit of dating and the heartbreak was severe, but the lessons were wonderful. I loved this post hon!

  4. I’ve recently gotten back into the world of dating thanks to switching more to dating apps and social media after realising I wasn’t going to meet many decent people aftet graduating from Uni and not being surrounded by many work colleagues in my line of work and so far I’m enjoying the experience, even though it hasn’t quite come together yet.
    Online dating is great as you can filter it out to people who you have common ground and as hard it will always will be meeting in person for the first time you can always fall back on that common ground and build up the connection from that. I feel even more optimistic reading this post and the comments about the succeses everyone’s currently having πŸ™‚
    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

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