Random topic series-My birthday-29/5/18

Random topic series-My birthday-29/5/18
Hey, guys, I am writing this post in advance but the day when it will go live will be one day before my 24th birthday. I want to discuss how I feel about turning 24 and how previous birthdays of mines have gone. I would also love to read comments about your own birthday experiences so feel free to leave them in the comments below. I cannot believe how quickly time has gone as it feels like I’ve only just turned 23. This is also special though as it will be my first birthday as a blogger.

My experiences
I have had some great birthday experiences in my life. When I was younger we used to always go for a family meal and I got to pick where we went. The weather had always seemed to be very good for it too and this made me feel even happier about it. For my 22nd birthday, I went to Edinburgh with my mum and sister. The weather was okay but not great. Despite this, we still went to Edinburgh Zoo and had a great day out. I was exhausted by the time we got home that day but we had made such a good day of it.
Last year the weather was horrendous around my birthday but I still went away to Anstruther in Fife for the weekend with Sophie and then on my actual birthday we went a random drive and then for a Wetherspoons. It was special to me because it was only the 2nd birthday I had where I was in a relationship but it was the first where a proper day was made of it. The other birthday where I was in a relationship was my 20th birthday and that only consisted of a night out and that didn’t even go well because my drink got spiked and I ended up nearly collapsing. My friends had to take me home that night too which I felt so bad about.
How I feel about turning 24
I feel so weird about turning 24, to be honest. The main reason for this is that time has just flown by so quickly, therefore, I feel like I am not ready to reach this age. On the other hand, I am in such a great position in my life right now and that has me ready for fully growing up. I have matured a lot over the last year and I feel like this will only continue because I’ve had so many experiences that have helped me improve my life.
I am very settled in my life right now too with a new job and a solid relationship with Sophie so I have so much going for me. Blogging has also kept me going too so with that as a great hobby I couldn’t ask for much more. It will be interesting to see what is next for my life but I am in a good place so I will make sure that keeps going.
My birthday plans
My birthday will be spent working and then I will be going for a good meal with Sophie. By the time this is released we will probably have been a little drive over the weekend before my birthday in order to make the most of both Sophie and me working on my actual birthday. I am not even annoyed about working on my birthday to be honest because it means Sophie can still focus on her business and go out and earn the money that her hard work deserves.
This has been my birthday blog guys. Thank you for the amazing blog support and time you have put into reading my content. Always remember to stay shining and leave comments of your birthday experiences.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mr! I hope you and Sophie had a lovely meal out and that you celebrated well. It’s wonderful to read such positive things, that you’re able to see the good and reflect on that for your birthday. I still feel like I’m 23, shocking to think I’ll be 30 this year. You’re still plenty young yet! Have a great weekend 🙂
    Caz x

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