My blog going forward-02/06/18

My blog going forward-02/06/18
Hey, guys, I am back with my first blog for a few days as I have been very busy this week with my birthday as well as working. I am going to discuss what the plan is for my blog going forward and how I see things going. Thank you for the wonderful support as always guys and now let’s get into this discussion.

Lately, the numbers side of blogging has been less significant for me because of the fact I work a full-time job meaning I cannot promote my content anywhere near as much as I used to. My numbers were always gonna be down considering how busy everyone seems to be at the minute. Life is like that though and that is why numbers change by the day. For me, the big thing is that I cannot put any time into reading other blogs and I also cannot put as much time into writing new content. This has lead to people turning away from my content because I can’t upload as much or I haven’t been able to read theirs so I have fallen down their list of priorities. I completely understand that as saddening as it can be.
I do have big plans for content though so that is why I’d never give up blogging completely. In the past, I used to drop something if I had less time to put into it but with blogging, it is so different because I have gained so much from it. I have so much more confidence in my ability as well as speaking to so many lovely people and engaging in a lot of conversation that has helped me open up more.
Going forward I hope to still manage to write at least 1 or 2 new blogs a week and numbers will not be a factor in this. The blogging world is so fickle anyway so blogs you think will do well may not actually do well whereas ones you aren’t confident in could do genuinely excellent. I do see myself losing followers too due to fewer uploads but I am completely fine with that as I understand why it happens. I always say that due to how unpredictable the numbers are, they should not define you or your content. It is very difficult to be a blogger who isn’t doing it full time because you have so many other things to focus on. Blogging for a job is far easier because it will always be your main focus.
My life right now is pretty awesome but that is also due to how many things I have going on. I will promise that my blog will always be here and in the times where I can’t upload new content for 4/5 days, you can always check out any of my content. I am so close to 150 blogs which is amazing in itself to me.
Anyway, guys thank you as always for the amazing support you have shown me over my blogging journey and thank you for reading. My blog isn’t going anywhere so stay tuned for more exciting content. Always remember to stay shining.

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  1. Good luck 👍👍 I’m the opposite of this. School ended so did my job (sub teacher) so will have more time to blog.
    Life happens as long as you’re enjoying blogging … do whatcha gotta do.
    Happily birthday ❤🎈

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