Blog 150-The journey so far-09/06/18

Blog 150-The journey so far-09/06/18
Hey, guys, I am back with my latest blog and this one is my 150th overall and I wanted to celebrate this milestone with you guys. It’s been an amazing journey and in this blog, I will discuss how I’ve felt at different stages of my journey as well as how I keep motivated when writing content. Anyway, guys let’s get straight into this blog.

My journey started in August 2017 and before I wrote my first blog I had never ever read any content from anyone else at all. I wanted the challenge of having to learn every single thing about blogging on my own and I think that is why I had success almost from day one. The aim for me when I set challenges for myself is to have fun doing them and to make sure I manage to do them. I’ve learned a lot and even though I don’t know everything yet I won’t stop until I come close to that or achieve that.
Blogging for me hasn’t always been all sunshine and rainbows though. I’ve had some troubling times here and there due to a few things or people trying to ruin it for me. I’ve had trolls on my Twitter and here for most of the journey all because of one person being idiotic and making me out to be the worst person ever as well as issues with making time to write content. There was also a claim to me plagiarising another blogger’s work which was also annoying to deal with because people genuinely believed that I’d do that. It was hurtful and put a halt on my progress for a little while but like everything else, I got by that too.
Let’s talk statistics now though as these have been full of massive surprises for me. I have now passed 16k views overall, 9k views in 2018 and over 2k likes on my content too not to mention my 770 blog followers. I couldn’t have predicted any of this ever happening let alone in just under 10 months. You guys have been absolutely wonderful and super supportive ever since my first post went live. To begin with, I was so nervous as I didn’t know how people would react to my content but other than a couple of trolls comments the positivity has been absolutely incredible and it makes me keep going.
I keep myself motivated in a number of ways too. As I said before it’s not all great at times but the thing that keeps me motivated the most is that I can express my thoughts and feelings and I can share them with all of you guys. Another way I keep myself motivated is by reminding myself how far I’ve come in life since I began to blog. I am a far more mature and confident individual now compared to when I started. I have such an amazing level of belief in my own ability too and that is partly down to you guys believing in me throughout my blogging journey.
Anyway guys, thank you for all of the wonderful support over my entire journey and thank you for putting your time into reading my content too. Here’s to the next steps in the journey. Always remember to stay shining.

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  1. What an interesting journey you’ve had! I absolutely love how honest you are about it, and the struggles it comes along with. Inspiring for someone like me who’s struggling at the moment! Keep going the way you’re going, friend. x

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