Blogging with a full time job-12/06/18

Blogging with a full time job-12/06/18
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about my experiences of working full time while blogging. I will be discussing how I manage my time and how I find the energy to work Monday to Friday as well as coming up with fresh ideas and finding time to write my content. I would love to hear about your experiences too so always feel free to leave comments below. Anyway guys, let’s get right into the blog.

I will have been in my new job for a full month on Thursday and I’ve loved it so much to be honest. I have been working super hard with really lovely people and bringing the best out of myself. At first, I was worried about how my blog would do due to working full time but now I completely stress-free about that because of one simple thing that I learned. I have learned that “less is more” when it comes to blog content. You can reduce the number of blogs you post and each of those blogs will do better because posts won’t get lost in the shuffle as easily. I have also been able to be more strategic because I know I can come up with ideas and then just focus on them when I have the time to.
Another thing that helps me to cope is knowing where my best writing quality will come from. Planning around a job doesn’t work at all because you end up stressing due to the fact that you feel like you have to write in a specific time slot. I like to blog in the spur of the moment and this helps me express my love of blogging and my creative freedom so much more in what I write. Due to the improved quality, I feel like I am still growing very well as a blogger and there have been loads of new people checking out my content because they feel like I am passionate about it.
I may lose a lot of promo time for my blog and I also cannot engage as much with people on social media but even during my lunch break and any other time when I’m free I will tweet about my blog and catch up with comments on my posts or replies to my tweets. My engagement and number of blog comments are both up a lot and I’ve gained a lot of new followers since I started working so by taking a more measured, planned approach to blogging, I have benefited so much. The main thing is that you still have fun with your content so by not following a schedule and not feeling like you must write content at a specific time, you will see positive results in both your life and your blog.
I have been writing freely and I don’t have any specific targets for the number of posts I write each week or month and I feel like this also helps me be patient and let the ideas come to my head instead of forcing them to. I hope you guys can follow my methods for managing a full-time job with my blog as it will help you guys reduce stress levels and have the most fun that you can.
Thank you for reading as always guys. The support is so awesome and I appreciate it so much. Always stay shining.

18 thoughts on “Blogging with a full time job-12/06/18

  1. Totally agree with your post. I used to stress about not getting posts out when I was at work. Like yourself I just write on the spur of the moment. I find it better as I’m not over thinking what to write.

  2. Only thing that’s bothered me about working and blogging is that I can’t engage as much and write. I do a lot of scheduling so posts are never an issue. Plus my ideas usually flood at night after my work hours. Great post!

  3. I love this post! I do 30 hours so not quite full time, but I find I also write better when I don’t confine myself to a set time for blogging. I carry a notebook with me now so even if I’m not at my computer I can jot down ideas – and they’re so much better than if I’d sat there and forced myself to write!

  4. SO relatable. I work full time and blog too. I use the same method just blog when it hits me and I’m thankful for tiny notebooks and blog apps. Great post! Keep it up your blog is great! I enjoy your writing style. Very open! Nice! Love your blog.

  5. I really liked your post.. I don’t work, as I am a stay-at-home mom now. It gets really hard to take out time from all the daily care and activities with my girl.. I only get few hours of free time at night and that’s when I get to work on my blog and other social media accounts… blogging is not easy and it needs a full time engagement to advertise your blog…

  6. Thank you so much for posting. I just found your blog on Twitter and followed you and I’m excited to see more. I too am working nearly 40 hours a week, as well as raising a nearly 2 year old toddler and am in the process of changing jobs to something that would most certainly be full time, 40 hours a week and I’ve begun to wonder how my new and growing blog and Twitter audience will suffer due to a career change. It’s already hard to find time and energy after the toddler goes to bed to sit down and put all my thoughts from the day and my blogging notebook together for a post. I don’t put the pressure on myself though to post every single day, which has helped tremendously and I do feel like I have more quality content. It’s longer, because I don’t post often, but it’s really great stuff. The best I’ve ever written, I feel sometimes. So thank you for sharing, it helps to alleviate some of the trouble some thoughts I’m having about taking on a full time position. Can’t wait to explore your blog!

  7. I pretty much liked your thought about “less is more”. For me as a reader, it’s nice when a post is not too long, I like it when it’s concentrated about the specific subject, if it’s not a mind flow. As a blogger, I’m trying to make content interesting, even if it will be a short post. And I’d better post once a month, than more often than 2 times a week – I agree, that posts get lost if you post too often

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