My blogging opinions-16/06/18

My blogging opinions-16/06/18
Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about opinions I have of blogging. I admit that I am a very opinionated person but I would never be afraid to share my opinions on anything regardless of what people think of them. I would also love to hear your opinions in the comments so feel free to share them with me. Let’s get into the blog now guys.

Follow trains aren’t good
I used to be a great believer in follow trains for your blog but over time I found that the best way to generate new traffic to your blog was to go out and look for it yourself on social media. The main problems with follow trains are that people are usually only in it for themselves, therefore, they only follow your blog to get a follow in return and that most people who follow your blog from them only follow for a short time then unfollow or just stop reading altogether.
Comment threads are poor
I’ve only ever been involved in one of these and that is for good reason. A big part of the problem is that once again people are 100% willing to receive random comments but are far less willing to return the favour on other people’s content. Another thing is that people clearly feel forced to comment and end up posting really generic comments that are short and give zero constructive feedback.
You have to work hard for every bit of success
A lot of people start a blog thinking you can just gain a large following instantly by only writing a few posts. This is simply not true as I have learned over my 10 months of blogging. I have to put a great amount of effort into everything as every other blogger does too. A lot of time is also needed for coming up with ideas, promo work and building up social media. There aren’t enough hours in the day to make sure you get all of these spot on so managing what you can is absolutely essential.
You don’t need a niche to be successful
A big misconception with blogging is that you can only blog about a specific thing. I started off blogging about only mental health and this ended up limiting my creativity. I stopped relying on a niche and began to blog about loads of random topics and this has improved the quality of my blog by miles. I feel like my posts continue to get better and better and that is due to the fact that nothing holds back my creative freedom. I hope you guys also learn to blog about absolutely anything instead of specific things as it will benefit you in the long run.
It’s a good thing to not fit into the community
A big part of the problem for me with the blogging community is that so many people are very delicate when it comes to handling strong-minded, opinionated people. If someone isn’t scared to share their opinions they usually have to deal with a lot of backlash over doing absolutely nothing which absolutely sucks but it’s just how the community is. I know I don’t fit in but I do have good contacts in the community now that I have found so that is all I need. I love being different so I wouldn’t change myself to fit in either.
My final thoughts
My overall opinion is that blogging is great but it also has its problems like some of the things I have mentioned. Perfection doesn’t exist anyway so I can only hope that things either stay as they are or improve over time. I would love to thank you guys for reading and supporting my content as always and if you have any opinions regarding blogging then I’d love for you to share in the comments.
Always stay shining.

26 thoughts on “My blogging opinions-16/06/18

  1. This is so true… get a lot of followers and so few comments or readers. I also stopped to just blog about one topic and like you say the posts get so much better☺️

  2. I have some loyal readers on follow trains. I have also found other blogs that I like from them. I have learned that a lot of “successful” bloggers (I use this loosely because having a large following doesn’t make you really successful) are very selfish about who they want to comment. I posted a comment that challenged what a blogger had to say and she ignored it. I unfollowed because I’m sorry if you can’t answer all your readers’ comments then you don’t need me. You’re losing one of your 22,000 followers. I try to do my best making sure I engage with others, not just within my niche and answer readers’ comments. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah I’m like that too. If I get ignored by anyone I tend to just never make effort to comment on their content again. Yeah I answer every comment on my blog too 😊 Anytime 😊

  3. I enjoy comment trains, but I’m selective. I have no interest in taking part in those that say ‘you MUST comment on x number of blogs’ because, as you said, that creates a feeling of being forced to even if people aren’t feeling it. The ones I enjoy most just leave it open – some people will comment a lot, some people will only comment a couple, hell some people won’t at all. The point is you get the opportunity to be exposed to a whole whack of different bloggers in one quick, easy to browse space and you can find the people whose content you appreciate. Found a few of my favourite bloggers this way.
    Britt |

  4. [ Insert short, generic comment with no useful value ]
    Only joking! The part about not having to have a niche and broadening what you write about is an interesting one. I felt quite limited when I started because I wanted to write about something big that happened to me (having a stoma) and then invisible illness in general. When I got a little more confident I was able to branch out more and cover what I wanted to write about and what I thought may interest readers, as well as fulfil my goals in other posts (to raise awareness, provide support and encouragement etc).

  5. Came over from twitter. Love the belief that you can blog about anything. As a blogger Ive always been challenged with getting a brand built around a specific content genre. Like you, I feel free writing about a range of topics and it’s much more enjoyable. Good read dude. Ivan,

        1. Sorry hit send before I finished typing… I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and for much of that I struggled with a consistent pattern because I keot thinking I needed to niche down. It’s great to see other bloggers succeeding who are following what they are passionate about writing.

  6. I agree with everything. I think you’re speaking up for what a lot of us are thinking, but not saying. I respect that. Also, I love that you have posted more than what inspired you in the beginning to blog. I’ve been thinking the same and was wondering if I just needed to speak of just one genre, and I absolutely do not. It’s my blog, my voice, and I can do what I want, right? Thanks for the motivation. Another great blog post. Thanks!

  7. This post has definitely helped me a lot. I am definitely looking to expand in terms of writing about more stuff other than mental health like ive been doing for the past five months.
    Thanks for this. πŸ™‚

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