How does money affect the mind?-24/06/18

How does money affect the mind?-24/06/18
Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about how I feel about how money affects people and those of a different social class. I also feel like you get viewed differently depending on how much money you have so I will be discussing my view on that too. If you also have any opinions regarding the matters discussed in this blog then feel free to comment below with them. I’d appreciate reading them. Let’s get right into the blog guys.

Growing up I didn’t really have much money at all. I always sat back and seen people in my school buying the latest gadgets whereas I had lower quality and lower priced ones. I did hate it at the time but I am now glad that I had to deal with things that way before because I really appreciate everything I earn now. I am not very materialistic at all and this is partly down to not having much growing up. However, another reason for this is that I’ve seen so many people get spoiled growing up and never appreciating it ever and instead just taking it for granted.
It frustrates me so much when I see people live such a comfortable life financially and not appreciate being comfortable. There are so many people who are homeless or in deep poverty who could appreciate that money so much more and it saddens me that in such a developed area like the UK, there are people who are in deep financial poverty. Another thing with this that really sucks is that the poorest people financially in society are normally the ones who are negatively judged the most. I’ve seen a lot of people turn their nose up at poor people and act like their scum when that is so not true.
In an ideal world, we would all have a lot of opportunities to build a financially stable life. I think it starts at an early age too. I feel like there should be classes in school about money management and other important life skills like coping with mental health issues and how tax works. Anyway, guys, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.
Thank you for reading and supporting my blog as always guys and don’t forget to stay shining.

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  1. I actually took a class in high school like that it was called consumer skills. We learned about the stock market, how to open a bank account to, how to write a check, how to purchase a car, and how to run our own small businesses. I didn’t get very much out of it because the teacher was terrible. I think money is only problem because our society can’t function without it. It drives everything from our education to our judicial system. The problem is that there is never enough. There is, but the way money is allocated never makes sense. Money has always been a struggle for me. I never have enough of it no matter how much I work.

  2. What you’ve talked about here is so true. There are so many things that can affect someone’s financial situation, so its crazy that anyone would be judged for it. I grew up in a slightly struggling family, but my mum and dad would have sacrificed everything to make sure I had the best chance, and looking back I realise how much they actually did for me, and how much I appreciate it.
    I’ve always tried my best to appreciate everything I’ve had, because theres so many people who haven’t been as lucky as me. I completely agree that the people who are most comfortable are often the ones who appreciate their situation least, especially if that is all they’ve ever known

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