What challenges do bloggers face?-26/06/18

What challenges do bloggers face?-26/06/18
Hey guys, I am back with a brand new blog and this one will be about the challenges I have faced as a blogger. It isn’t easy to blog because there is so much to it. By using my experiences I will discuss the issues I’ve faced throughout my 10 months of blogging. If you have any issues that you have faced as a blogger then feel free to comment below as I’d love to be able to relate to you guys. Anyway, let’s get right into the blog.

Time is an absolute nightmare for bloggers. Content takes a lot of time to write and plan out let alone promotion time alongside social media growth. I am so glad in a way that Twitter works well for my blog because I simply don’t have enough hours in a day to work on any other social media sites. I also now work full time so the majority of my day is spent either at work or sleeping. I usually get home by 5:30pm and go to bed between half 10 and 11pm so as you can imagine my time for blogging midweek is incredibly limited.
Repetition of content
I am so bad sometimes for repeating content. There have been times where I’ve looked at the previous blogs I have written and found it impossible to avoid repeating myself. I found this to be a bigger problem in the beginning because I blogged solely about mental health. Having a niche makes it extremely easy to repeat yourself with content but I am glad that I have managed to avoid it more now.
This is another reason that I dropped my niche of mental health completely. The main problem with blogging is that there is so much content and due to this it makes it incredibly difficult to be fully unique. Within niches, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs about the same topic written each day and obviously, there will be some overlaps. I was accused of it before just because I had chosen to write about my own experiences with anxiety and how bad days are completely okay during mental health battles. I had not even read the blogs I was accused of copying and that was the most frustrating part of it. Blind accusations with no proof really annoy me and I wish they never happened to anyone let alone myself. I lost followers over the whole issue to as I defended myself but the main thing is that I shouldn’t have had to.
This is an absolute pain in my opinion. I have genuinely never seen the point of following someone on Twitter or their blog, just to unfollow them almost immediately. The thing with is that it is so common in the blogging world. I don’t personally believe that it will disappear anytime soon which sucks because if people never unfollowed me because of trying to look popular, I could easily be sitting on 1k blog followers and 16/17k Twitter followers. It makes growth on both miles more difficult to achieve too but I’m too stubborn to not try.
Coming up with ideas that work
This one fits in with my point about repetition. Once you overcome that there is another big issue that I have had a lot. Sometimes you have blogs that just sound good in your head but when you put them together they just don’t work. I have ended up discarding a lot of ideas because I’ve either not enjoyed writing them as much as I thought I would or I have not thought that you guys would enjoy them as much as my other posts. I just want to produce the best ideas for not only me but you guys too and sometimes ideas don’t get published.
Engaging with readers and social media followers
This can be a nightmare because I am such an awkward person most of the time and my Asperger’s makes it even harder to create conversation. The main way I engage with people is through replies to my tweets or through the comments on my blog. I prefer this because I am most comfortable when I don’t start the conversation. This limits my growth because if you engage more then your following will grow more.
My final thoughts
I have had many challenges as a blogger and I hope by reading this blog you have a better understanding of the difficulty that blogging brings to the table. It is really fun despite these challenges but I am loving what I do so much.
Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always guys and never forget to stay shining.

12 thoughts on “What challenges do bloggers face?-26/06/18

  1. My blogging niche is fitness and I have similar struggles. I don’t want to change my niche even though at times I feel like I should. The way I cope with this is by putting new content once a week and doing a fitness journal so I’m still putting out content but it’s truly my own content. I do create that is bound to be out there but that happens. I also hate the follow/unfollow. It’s super selfish.

  2. Good read. True points. The follower issue is a real pest. People follow hoping to get one back. Waste of time. Time? Yep, I agree. Lots of late nights. Cheers. Ivan

  3. 100% agree with this, especially the follow-unfollow game! I actually had an issue with someone copyin my blog word for word once and it really peed me off, like that’s not what blogging is about… but 🤷‍♀️

  4. Nice post about the challenges. For me it is even worse, I’m a new blogger. How you guys manage to get kinda of famous, with hundreds of followers etc… Any tip you could share?

  5. Yes I can agree with a lot of these! It is hard not to repeat content. And I understand the plagiarism thing. There are times I’ll come along a post I had never read before to find it’s similar to mine. I always read to make sure words/paragraphs and the voice in the writing is different. I definitely don’t ever want to be accused of that, I would never do that! Just keep being you 😊

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