Does follow/unfollow still exist?-01/07/18

Does follow/unfollow still exist?-01/07/18
Hey guys, I am back with another discussion about the follow/unfollow game that still, unfortunately, goes on with Twitter and blogging itself. I’ve also heard a lot about how bad it is on Instagram but I don’t use it so it’s harder for me to comment on that. I’d love to hear your opinion and experiences of the follow/unfollow game and also what strategies do you guys use in order to grow your blog and social media? I’d also love to read comments about them.

I had written about the whole follow/unfollow thing in a blog on the 18th of February and as it stands it is still my most liked blog ever with 60 likes. I don’t manage to speak accurately for a lot of people very often but that blog felt like I was writing for the frustration of the majority and not just a few people. From my own experience, the follow/unfollow thing is up there with the worst things in blogging. For me, only the unnecessary drama and plagiarism are worse than it so that says a lot considering I’m a really easy going person.
The problem with it is that it’s so common especially on Twitter. It usually gets honest people done out of gaining new followers too because I’ve now found it way harder to gain followers as most people don’t follow back in the fear of getting unfollowed immediately. Another thing about it is that people just assume that you do it due to random days of low engagement which is so bad because I’ve learned that you can have days with no engagement whatsoever and gain followers honestly.
My social media growth tactics
I have a very tactic-orientated way of growing my follower base on my blog and my Twitter and due to the follow/unfollow game, it takes an incredible amount of patience to grow them both. On Twitter, I grow by following new people who I think I’d engage with. These are usually bloggers but I don’t follow any type of blogger specifically. I’m quite open to following all types of bloggers as you can learn so many ways to improve your content through a range of perspectives.
I only unfollow those who don’t follow me back when I hit Twitter follow limits and due to the fact I feel like I’m nosey when I follow someone but they don’t follow me. That is a perk of being overly awkward though. With my blog, it’s a little different. My main tactics for growing my blog are to aim to produce my best quality of writing every single post and to make them as engaging as possible and that is why I always look for feedback from you guys. It doesn’t always come but I’m okay with that as nobody gets it 100% spot on every single time.
My final thoughts
I hope that one day we can get rid of the follow/unfollow game completely from blogging. I think it’s not good to call people out for it though as it is so easy to get wrong because people just see numbers and assume that someone does it. We just need to support each other’s content and be positive and that is why I’m so driven when it comes to allowing you guys to share your content on my posts like my last one before this one.
Anyway, guys, I hope you have all enjoyed this blog. Thank you for reading and supporting me as always and don’t forget to stay shining.

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  1. I hate it too!! It’s so bad on Instagram. I actually wrote a post about follow fitness Instagram pages on blog if you want to check it. It’s annoying but the way I handle it is an app called Follow Cop. It notifies me when someone immediately unfollows and it also shows me people who you follow that aren’t following you back. When I downloaded it I deleted a little over 100 accounts. Good riddance. They haven’t tried to follow back either so I don’t think they notice. I go and unfollow people at least every other week.

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