My half year review-04/07/18

My half-year review-04/07/18
Hello everyone, I am back with new content and this will be a blog that I planned to write a few days earlier but I’ve been busy reorganising my blog and doing stuff in my life too. I am bringing my review of the last 6 months in regards to my life. I will discuss how I feel my blog has done, how work has gone for me, how my relationship has gone and how my mental health has been. I’d also love to know how January to June went for you guys and how you plan to spend July to December.

My blog in the first half of 2018 has gone incredibly in my opinion. I managed to just get by 10k views on the last day of June and I’ve had over 1400 likes on my content too. My views recently have gone down because of things like the good weather and studying and other stuff but I am still having fun developing my writing skills as well as talking to new people and creating new, unique ideas.
I feel like I need to listen to myself more with my blog too because people have suggested ideas that they’d love me to blog about and they just didn’t go anywhere near as well as the ones that I have come up with. I’m now in the process of improving my old posts as well as coming up with new ideas so hopefully, people feel like checking out my journey from the start until now.
I had an absolute nightmare in January in regards to work. I lost my old job on January 19th for no apparent reason. It was clear from day one that the boss didn’t have a high opinion of me and that annoyed me. I was relieved in the end to have been out of there as on May 14th I started a far better job and now it is my 8th week of it and I’m so happy and allowed to show what I can do. I work with great people too and I’ve never been happier in employment. I hope to just keep developing and learning new stuff that I can do.
On Friday I will have been in a relationship with Sophie for 18 months. It is so scary yet so amazing how that time has absolutely flown by. On January 6th, we celebrated a year together by having a little day out together. We explore so many lovely places and that is only one part of how great we work as a team. I hope we have many years together and if things keep going as they are then we definitely will.
Mental health
I have had a great first half of the year with my mental health, to be honest. I have really calmed my anxiety right down and I have barely felt even the slightest hint of depression. I am probably at the best I’ve ever been both physically and mentally and I look to keep improving that in the future. I am better at handling things too and I think this helps me a lot.
My final thoughts
Overall, the first half of 2018 has been incredibly successful for me and I hope to have the second half just to complete a great year. I am developing for the better with everything in my life and I hope that you guys are having a great year too. I’d love to hear about your life and how it’s gone in 2018 so feel free to comment below and also comment about how you plan to spend the second half of the year.
Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always guys and never forget to stay shining.

16 thoughts on “My half year review-04/07/18

  1. Glad to hear your year is going so well! I started my blog this year and I’m making slow but steady progress. My plan for the rest of the year is to continue working on my blog and to work harder to manage my anxiety. My depression has been manageable, it’s the anxiety that is affecting my day to day life and the quality of my life.

  2. Halfway through reading this, I just has to subscribe. Well done with your blog views, that is amazing and you have inspired me to keep going. Congrats on your new job too, thank God the old one didn’t work out as you sound much happier. Awwwww how cute is that about you and Sophie. It sounds like everything is going well with you two and I pray that it continues. Also, I am glad that your anxiety can’t been bothering you too much. Things sound so positive, keep up the good qoek, I look forward to reading more. As for me, 2018 has been a blessing and I am grateful for everything happening right now!

  3. I’m so happy your year went so well! My first half of the year has been a straight test of my will and passion for the things I do! I have had a LOT fo disappointments, but I feel like I am being showed where I am meant to be. I lost my job in anuary also and I have yet to find another BUT I have started my own social media management business or started taking my business more seriously I should say and began starting up a company for it and that passion has reminded me that this is what I love to do and I just have to go for it! Thanks so much for this post! It was motivating to hear about your year so far! The rest of this year will be spent working on my blog, my business, and my YouTube channel! So many ideas are flooding and since I am moving to Atlanta next month I am probably going to have so many more networking events I can go to and I am just PSYCHED for everything I am soon to accomplish!

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