What content would you like to read?-06/07/18

What content would you like to read?-06/07/18
Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is gonna be me discussing my favourite types of content to write and me looking for feedback about what content you guys prefer. I am enjoying my blogging journey so much and I’d love to hear loads of feedback from you on this post as it will help me understand which way is the best to take my blog forward.

My favourite content
I don’t really have a favourite blog of mine’s to be honest. I have written over 160 blogs now and they have been about an absolute shed load of topics. I have covered mental health greatly, my life, working and so much more. I enjoyed writing posts with my girlfriend too and they were genuinely well received but we are both so busy too so they were always difficult to plan out. That is why I have written this blog too. I’d love to know your favourite content of mine’s so that I can find the time to plan out topics related to your interest that I will also love to write.
I have had mixed luck with feedback. I have been suggested topics before and they ended up doing pretty badly by my standards. Not just by viewership either, I just simply didn’t enjoy them 100%. I’d love to know things in detail of what you enjoy so I will ask the following questions and I’d love for you guys to answer them in the comments below:
Favourite type of blog?
Favourite length of blog?
Pictures or no pictures?
Favourite structure of blog? Paragraph length, bullet points etc
Thank you so much for reading and supporting my content guys and I look forward to reading your feedback. Always stay shining.

8 thoughts on “What content would you like to read?-06/07/18

  1. I enjoy posts about mental health and also about blogging. Maybe around 500 word count with bullet points are the easiest read. I like how you broke this post up with headers, that also makes for an easier read. Pics- I can take them or leave them, doesn’t matter to me.

  2. I love reading all types of blog posts honestly. If the blogger interests me, I will read all of their posts, good or bad. I prefer blog posts that are in the middle in regards to length. I think 1,000 words is fine for me. I also like headers because it breaks it up and I can just read what I want to know and not the entire post. I also like pictures. Blocks of words are not as visually appealing. Pictures really help the post become animated.

Your feedback is welcomed greatly