Being a blogging introvert-08/07/18

Being a blogging introvert-08/07/18
Hey guys, I am back with another blog post and this one is how I cope with being an introvert while progressing with my blog. I also have the dilemma of having the effects of my Asperger’s Syndrome too so I want to discuss what blogging for me is really like in comparison to what people think it is like for me. I’d also love to read your opinions of my blog and how you feel about your own blog. Thank you for all of the wonderful support too that you have shown on my blog. I appreciate it greatly.

From an outside view
I think that people misunderstand me a lot, to be honest, but I understand fully as to why. It’s easy to misunderstand me from the outside looking in and a lot of people think I’m very outgoing and that I find it easy to speak out. This is so far from the truth. I am a very quiet person and I find engagement very overwhelming at times. There are days where I can’t talk at all and in a job where answering the phone at times is absolutely necessary I feel a little stressed.
What bloggers need to excel in
To be successful as a blogger I feel that you need to be great at things like promotion and being creative. However, I feel like being strong with communicating and discussing opinions is massively important. I feel like I’ve grown my blog a lot but at times the view numbers don’t show it. I feel like due to being so introverted I lack a bit of the communicating and engaging power to really keep people reading my content.
I think a lot of it also comes from me being very difficult to understand because over my 822 blog followers and 17k views, there have been so many sets of 30/40 people viewing my posts at a time but it rarely seems to be the same people. I think if a day comes when at least 2 or 3 sets of people view my posts at once then I will feel more confident in what I can do despite being so introverted.
Explaining myself
I feel like I manage to explain how I feel reasonably well most of the time. However, I wish I could do this all of the time as it may help you guys understand me so much more. If you guys have been massively introverted previously how did you manage to overcome it? I am unsure of whether I could do it fully due to having Asperger’s Syndrome too but I’d love to read of ways to become open and to find it easier to communicate with my readers or make them feel like communicating more.
My final thoughts
I have been discussing my feelings about being introverted and why it makes blogging so much harder for me. I hope you guys can relate to this and if you have been struggling with similar issues to myself then be strong and know you are definitely not alone.
Thank you for reading my content too guys and a massive thank you for supporting me throughout my blogging journey. Always stay shining.

10 thoughts on “Being a blogging introvert-08/07/18

  1. This post speaks volumes to me! I love blogging and writing as a whole but the other aspects of it like promotion and communicating, I find very overwhelming and scary. I’ve been trying to be more engaged on twitter but at times I feel like I’m just been annoying and that makes me anxious 🙈
    I find communicating in real life extremely difficult, and I’ve had people think I’m rude because I don’t always respond and can shut down if I get too anxious. I do find it ‘easier’ to articulate my thoughts in the written word but it can still be difficult at times.
    Don’t beat yourself up. You’re doing a great job 💜💜

  2. I’m slowly getting better at engaging on Twitter. It’s been a challenge. For some reason I’m more comfortable commenting on blogs than I am chatting on Twitter.

  3. Introvert here too. I find it easier to connect with readers behind the scene through social media easier than face to face. I think you’re doing great and enjoy your tweets!

  4. I love this post. In my daily life I’m a nurse to a 16 year old with high functioning Autism. She’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever met but being on the spectrum communication is something she struggles with and being an introvert. She has a team of people to deal with this, I’m blessed to be part of the team what we did to combat her being in introvert or not fully communicating her thoughts and just starting a conversation mid thought and expect everyone to know it’s just a daily battle and constant learning. We made it a point for her to say hello and try to make contact with 10 people a day.. believe it or not that did help her. She’d rather be inside playing video games so I’m constantly trying to make the world offline seem more interesting than Gears or sad 4 and that’s a battle lol it takes time. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I know to help your numbers grow I promote my blog like a beast on 3 social media networks and found some blogging groups that really got my traffic up and found people that genuinely wanted to read and comment on my post. I love your blog! I’m rooting for you!

  5. Great post about being an introvert. I used to have trouble speaking out when I was much younger in my school days. But with time and working environments I just got usd to saying hello to one new person a day. It built confidence in me. Now I have no trouble striking up a comversation with someone. Keep posting! Love to see more from you.

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