How to use Twitter as a blogger-11/07/18

How to use Twitter as a blogger-11/07/18
Hey guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is about how I use Twitter effectively in order to successfully help the growth of my blog. I will go through how much time I put into promotion for my blog as well as networking and how it is best to think before you tweet. I would love to help you guys who are newer to the Twittersphere as well as blogging so I hope this little blog can bring you guys success. I’d love to hear your feedback too so always feel free to comment with your opinion.

Blog Promotion
I tweet out about my blog link quite a few times a day. I do this because people will be busy at different times of the day, therefore, having an even spread of promotion between morning, afternoon, evening and night is always ideal. At worst I aim to tweet during my work break in the morning and my lunch break and then again at least 2/3 times at night. I also try to have a few random tweets of positivity during the day because to me, if you just solely tweet links then it is very off-putting and it’ll make people less likely to click on any links to your blog that you tweet.
Another big thing is to avoid creating drama. If people see your tweets and they are aimed at someone or genuinely always negative then most people would probably just unfollow you or not want to interact at all.
I haven’t always been the best at networking on Twitter but having Asperger’s is a big part of that because I have days where I can’t really approach anyone. My tips for successful networking on Twitter are as follows:

  • Always support other bloggers
  • Put at least an hour or 2 a day into networking with other bloggers
  • Never be afraid to follow new people first
  • Make sure to read someone’s tweets before you follow them because your interests may be very different
  • Don’t just follow bloggers in your niche as you can pick up useful advice from any blogger at any time
  • Always reply to DMs and tweets from other bloggers
  • Retweet other bloggers’ links as they’ll feel like returning the favour
  • Congratulate other bloggers when they achieve their goals

Think before you tweet
This is a far more important thing that people think. If you say things that are highly controversial and receive a lot of backlash then you may have people wondering if you are using your head before you hit the tweet button. A lot of people go against people with no filter very quickly and that is why you need to be careful when making jokes or expressing your opinion on big topics. I have suffered because of being overly expressive of my opinion and as annoying as receiving backlash is, I should have expected it.
Never be negative or insulting to other people either through your tweets too. People are like snipers when it comes to insults these days. We all notice them instantly. It’s so off-putting and the only time I use insults are when it comes to big things like people being bullies, homophobia or racism.
My Success with Twitter
I feel like I learned all of the best ways to use Twitter very quickly after I started my blog last August. I may not have anywhere near as much time to promote and network but I still feel like I make the most of the time I do have. The cool thing with promoting on Twitter is that you can do it so quickly too. With Twitter being the only social media site I use for my blog promotion it is so important for me to get things spot on and I feel like I have.
My stats read as follows as I am writing this post:

  1. 13.4K Twitter followers
  2. 17528 blog views
  3. 829 blog followers- 816 WordPress followers and 13 E-mail followers
  4. 2241 likes
  5. 6495 blog visitors

Considering that I use one promotion method I feel like I have done incredibly well and I’d love to know how Twitter helps you guys with your blog. I would also love to know any Twitter tips that you guys have as I’d love to improve my blog work with Twitter even further.
Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always guys and don’t forget to stay shining.

10 thoughts on “How to use Twitter as a blogger-11/07/18

  1. Great tips and impressive numbers! I’ve recently started promoting my blog posts several times a day on Twitter. I had thought it would look to spammy, but I keep reading posts like yours that says to do it throughout the day. I have no tips to share as I’m a newbie at Twitter and only have 83 followers so far. How do you feel about retweet accounts?- where you include their hashtag for them to retweet for you.

  2. Thank you for these Twitter tips, I will be definitely be putting them to good use! Amazing stats! Massive well done 🙂

  3. Those are pretty impressive numbers! I find all these tips useful and effective, as I use twitter in a similar way. It’s important that we be nice to others, and not post crappy, insulting things.

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