Why I’ve gone self-hosted

Why I have gone self-hosted

So, guys, you may be wondering why I have made a complete u-turn and decided to go self-hosted. I will go on now to explain why I have and why I’ve ended the journey of the BrutalHonestyBlogger. Thank you for all of your wonderful support with that blog too and I hope to see you guys on this blog just as much.

I did not feel like my blog name was fitting in with what I do on my blog. I do genuinely just talk about anything on my blog and I feel like now I have a blog name that just fits perfectly with who I am as a person. I will take a while to get everything in order guys so feel free to help me out along the way because I will 100% appreciate it. I also chose to start fresh so that the other blog wasn’t forgotten about. I will bring over some of the best content from my original blog and I plan to do so much more here.

This was just a little update into my self-hosted journey and I will hopefully be back with another blog over the weekend. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my content and always remember to just stay shining.

10 thoughts on “Why I’ve gone self-hosted

  1. Thanks for migrating followers, so that I didn’t miss out on where you went! Congrats on going self-hosted. I think that is the way to go. I’m with hostgator.

  2. I recently went self-hosted too. I’m finding that I have so much more design freedom and I don’t have to pay for the expensive business plan just to use plugins, so that’s a bonus. ^_^

    Excellent post.

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