Beauty through my eyes

Beauty through my eyes

Hey guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is my first ever guest post. However, I am going to post this on my own blog too as I feel like you guys would enjoy reading it.  Thank you to @BustinOutBeauty for letting me guest post on her blog and I’d love for you guys to show her some love. I will be discussing how I view beauty and I feel like how I measure the beauty in someone is very unique. I don’t see them as beautiful just through physical appearance but also through things such as loyalty, how much love that they show, their caring nature and how they can stay strong no matter how tough the situation gets. Let’s get right into this blog post.

I feel that in society these days, beauty is mostly judged by looks and physical appearance. I feel like this is such a bad thing because it can ruin the confidence of so many people. I have felt so insecure about how I’ve looked in the past due to the fact that people have seen me as ugly because all that they considered was how I looked on the outside while completely ignoring things on the inside.

This goes the other way for me. I used to think someone was beautiful but immediately if you didn’t have a suitable personality or were just naturally a mean person you immediately didn’t catch my eye. Having someone who is very loyal is a great thing for me and it makes them far more beautiful to me. This is why we shouldn’t judge others on who they choose to be with because it doesn’t happen by accident. There is far more to a person that doesn’t include looks so even if you’d not be with someone, they might be because of non-visible things.

Being a caring person is another thing I see as beautiful. I have been with my current girlfriend Sophie for 18 months now and this is definitely down to how caring she is and also how loyal she is. I admit at times I do screw up but it’s never intentional and because of how caring and loyal she is, she just understands me and accepts me for who I am. I am the same as her. I would put myself in any situation if it meant showing extreme care for her because that’s what love is when you see someone as the most beautiful person in the world.

My final thoughts

I have an open, unique perception of beauty and I’d love to read about how you guys and girls see beauty in someone. I would also love to give a massive shoutout to @BustinOutBeauty for allowing me this guest post opportunity and I’d love for you guys to check out her blog for her content and also keep an eye out for when this post is up there too. It was her idea so I’d love for her to get the full credit for giving me such an amazing topic to write about.

You can check out her blog here 🙂

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