Why we love blog feedback

Why we love blog feedback

Hey guys, I am back with my first blog for a few days and this one is about why you should always give bloggers feedback on their blog posts and site. Blogging is a massive hobby that loads of time and care go into for any blogger and we would all love to know where we can improve. However, I often find that when we ask for feedback, we rarely ever get it. In this blog, I will mention how I feel about the amount of feedback I’ve had and why I feel like more of it is absolutely essential in order to improve and move forward. I’d love for you to comment below with what you think about feedback and I’d also love for you to leave me some feedback too. Let’s get right into the blog.

My blog in my own opinion

I feel like my blog is in a good place in many aspects, to be honest. I have managed to improve my blog writing by taking a little more time over it and by going down a different direction with the new self-hosted blog I have given myself so many options for writing new content. Another thing I think I have managed to do well is to allow you guys to engage with my content. I haven’t had as many comments lately but I get periods of time with low engagement and periods with super high engagement so I’m used to the inconsistency.

My theme is fairly good in my opinion but the feedback I’ve had surrounding it has been so vague that it’s utterly useless to me. I have had mixed reviews but I feel like everything on my blog is clearly structured and easy to access and all of that came down to this theme. I do need to work on my picture and image content, to be honest. I can never find images that fit well with any of my content. I think that comes from a large amount of variation through my content though. I think it’s easier to find images consistently when your blog follows a particular pattern whereas mine is totally random.

My feedback

I find that I never get much feedback when I specifically ask for it. At times I have had some very useful comments regarding what I can improve but it’s never frequent enough and that’s why I don’t always make any changes to my theme, fonts or content. I think that in order to improve you do absolutely need more and I want you guys to have wonderful, top quality content from me to read and for that to happen I need a lot more feedback from you guys. I’m not saying that you should give me it constantly but even once or twice a month would help me progress massively.

Why is feedback important?

Feedback is important for 3 big reasons in my personal opinion:

  1. You can improve your blog with it.
  2. You can build up a relationship with your readers.
  3. You can build up trust between readers and yourself in both ways. Readers will know that they’ve been listened to and the blogger will know that people have taken a lot of time to read their content.

With these 3 reasons being so essential, feedback is always appreciated by bloggers and that is why you should leave far more of it. I also feel like it builds a better sense of community between a blogger and their readers.

My final thoughts

This has been my opinion of feedback and why I feel like you need it in greater amounts. Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always. I hope this allows you to understand how bloggers feel about feedback and encourage you to comment more with new feedback.

Always stay shining guys.


12 thoughts on “Why we love blog feedback

  1. I agree that feedback is important to develop and improve, but I also think it’s important for enthusiasm to keep going. Interesting that you don’t get much/any when you ask for it, though I think inconsistent feedback and interaction is par for the course. With regards to your blog layout, I agree it’s clear and easy to navigate. My only points (here you go look, more feedback that’s probably too wishy-washy to be helpful!) would be that images would be good, whether that’s in the posts, at the side, in the header somewhere) to break things up and capture attention when you come onto the blog. Secondly, the category/page header for guest posts is rather long & may be better shortened to just “guest posts” or split into “guest posts by me” and “guest posts for me”.
    Hope you’re having a good weekend so far! 🙂
    Caz x

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. I can understand why feedback would mean so much to you and every other blogger out there. Which is why I try to leave behind a nice and positive comment on every blog content I read that other bloggers put up.

    From what I have seen from your self hosted blog, it looks great. I love the customisation, the header. There is no fault with your blog content so far as I am aware.

    I don’t want to seem or sound selfish since you work as well. But would be great if you had a bit of consistency with your content. As in write on a regular basis kind of thing. Sorry if I’m soundign selfish or anything. Don’t mean to be.

    Loving your new blog by the way. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much 😊 Yeah I’m trying to aim for 3 posts a week right now but it’ll come down to how free I am after work 😊

        1. It’s not rude at all so don’t worry 😊 If anything it’s motivating me to do more where possible

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