From the archives: My One Rule of Blogging

From the archives: My One Rule of Blogging

Hey, guys, I am back with another blog from the past and this one is about the one rule that I follow when it comes to blogging. I’m sick of seeing posts saying you must do this or that when it comes to blogging as we all have our own way of doing things. I will discuss the things that I’ve been told and what my one rule of blogging is.

The first thing I was always told was to find your niche. This basically involves blogging about the same topic every single time. I chose to start off solely as a mental health blogger as I aimed to share my experiences in order to help the other people around me with their battles. However, I couldn’t just keep going solely on mental health blogs as I was running out of individual things to speak about very quickly.

With a niche, you limit your creativity so much and this is why you should blog about any topic you want no matter what it is about. Since I have expanded my horizons my blog has grown so so much. I think people see how much I enjoy things with no cuff and that’s why they check out my content. People are more willing to connect with you if they see that you are enjoying what you do so just do exactly that.

So, guys, my one rule of blogging is:


If you do that then you will be far more successful and your creativity will come across in everything that you write. Listening to what other people tell you to do normally only holds you back anyway so just take it on the chin when someone tries to tell you what to do.

This has been my one rule of blogging guys. I hope you all follow it and enjoy making successful, creative content.

Thank you for all of the wonderful support on my blogs and thank you for reading.

I will be looking to bring back more posts in the future so stay tuned for them as well as more new content too.

14 thoughts on “From the archives: My One Rule of Blogging

  1. Loved reading this. I love the fact that you are staying true to yourself and you always preach to everyone to do things their own way. Some people still need to stop placing their views on others. It’s not good. To those that still do, Fuck off. Im sure you feel the same.

    So thanks for sharing this post with us all.

  2. Thank you for writing about this! Iโ€™ve always found that my most popular posts are the ones where my readers can tell how much I love what Iโ€™m writing about. Iโ€™m really glad you wrote about thisโ€”great post!

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