A year as a blogger

A year as a blogger

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is to mark my one year anniversary as a blogger on WordPress. In this blog, I will be discussing various points and milestones within my blogging journey as well as talking about the ups and downs that come with blogging.

In the comments below I would love for you to discuss the following things:

A favourite blog post that I have written

Length of time you’ve read my blog for

How you found my blog

How long you have blogged for

How I can improve

The start

I had an initial 2-week writing tester on Blogger to see if I could enjoy writing about mental health and have the time to focus on it. I was a complete novice when I chose to start writing and to be completely honest, I had never even read a blog post by anyone before. I was so scared to share my blog on social media when I first got going because I had no idea what people thought. When people reacted so well that is when I thought I could give this a real serious go so I looked more into it and looked for insight on which site worked best and that is how I went onto WordPress on August 16th 2017.

From Mental health to lifestyle

As you will now know I am a different type of blogger nowadays compared to how I first started. I just began to run out of things to speak about in blogs because as strong and helpful mental health is as a topic to talk about, it’s not a very large niche for topics. I had to change in order to find my love of writing again and show exactly what I was capable of when I didn’t reduce myself to only a handful of topics. I have now done that and by writing about random topics I have found a way to enjoy blogging to the max.

The struggles

As any blogger will tell you, it’s not all easy. I have had my fair share of struggles and there’s not many that have been just little things either. First of all, I was engaged in a bad feud with another blogger that was based on a friendship that broke down and had lead to me getting loads of blame even though I wasn’t the only one involved. The worst thing is that people were stupid enough to believe it and that lead to loads of hate comments on my blogs and being stalked on social media.

Another blogger issue I had was when I was accused of plagiarism based on posts that I had written months before. Yet again people were stupid enough to believe this and I lost followers over it which frustrated me a lot. Part of the issue that annoyed me was that I spend hours making posts work and I had not even read the other person’s content so it was impossible to copy.

A big issue for me now is finding time to write. I manage reasonably well but at times I feel rushed to produce content. I love my job but the full-time hours are a bit difficult to juggle around sometimes.

My milestones

I have had a crazy time with achieving milestones with my blog. I’m currently sat on 859 blog followers, already over 1700 views and 200 likes on my self-hosted blog and it’s only been a month. Hard work has been a factor in this but the rest comes from the amazing support that you guys have given me in my 12 months of blogging. I have so many plans for the next 12 months so here’s to success.

My final thoughts

I would love to thank you guys for everything in regards to support and appreciation for the content I produce. It’s still a bit scary at times putting myself out there constantly and being fairly open in my content but you guys always react with love and support and that to me is absolutely irreplaceable and so valuable.

Thank you for reading as always and let’s take things to the next level together. I’d love it if you could continue to share and support my content as I would appreciate it so much.

16 thoughts on “A year as a blogger

  1. Thanks for sharing, I loved this year summary. I also struggled with a lot of the issues you mentioned, but it’s encouraging to see how far you’ve come. What’s your favorite topic to blog about?

    1. Thank you so much 😊 Hard to pick a favourite tbh. Mainly the things that help my readers out the most 😊

  2. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! I’ve been blogging for just 3 weeks. I agree it’s hard to find the time – I have a job, a young family, volunteering and I’m writing a novel, so I can only post once a week. I think you can improve your blog with more pictures? It might draw more people in.

    1. Thank you so much. Yeah it’s all pretty tough. Pictures are a weird one for me because I’ve tried them before and the posts I’ve used them in haven’t done any better than the rest of my posts

  3. Hmm that’s weird about the pictures. I think the more blogs we follow, the harder it is to keep up with everything! So if someone isn’t drawn to the blog post straight away, they will just move on because there is so much to read and not enough time. Keep at it, you’re doing really well with getting so many posts done!

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