What supporting Celtic means to me

What supporting Celtic means to me

Hey guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is about my love for the football team I support, how that support came about and what it means to me. I have been a Celtic fan my entire life and I want to share this with you. I would also love for you guys to comment about the team that you support and how long you have been supporting them for. Let’s get straight into this blog.

Why Celtic?

For me, I grew up in a family where nearly everyone was a fan of Celtic. Anytime Celtic played a match we would be watching it so as far as football went all I ever knew was Celtic. Eventually, I grew up into playing a lot of football with my friends too and eventually I started to receive Celtic kits as birthday presents. I used to wear them out to play football and as crazy as it seems, I felt like I was going out there onto the pitch at Celtic Park representing the team that I support.

Going to the games

Going to Celtic matches is going to be one of the most amazing things I have been lucky enough to do in my life. I haven’t been in a few years although that’s to do with money as well as the fact it was a family thing and my mum works on a Saturday now so it means she wouldn’t be able to go to most home games. However, if the chance comes again then it would be great to add to the 31 games I’ve been to. So far, I have witnessed 30 wins and only 1 loss so my viewing pleasure is right up there and the noise from the crowd can be electric.

What it means to me

Being a Celtic fan means multiple things to me:

  1. Being part of a massive family
  2. Sticking to the roots within my own family
  3. Being passionate for the full 90 minutes every single time you watch them play
  4. Having a hobby that brought me happiness on so many occasions
  5. Finding a passion
  6. Joining together with others to show our support for our team

I will always remain a Celtic fan as long as I’m alive and that is whether we win, lose or draw. That’s the joys of supporting Celtic too. It’s painful sometimes but the success and winning trophies make up for that so much. Each game that is on TV is a must watch for me and I feel like I go through every emotion each game.

During the summer when the league season has finished is so draining because, at the end of the day, we all just want to watch our beloved Celtic again. I watch a lot of other football when I can but nothing beats watching the Celtic. It isn’t just a football team, it’s a lifestyle that has gone through generations of a lot of families not only in Glasgow but in other places around the world too.

My final thoughts

I love football and Celtic too much to have ever wanted things any other way and I am sure a lot of others are the same. In my opinion, you don’t choose Celtic, Celtic chooses you and you’ll love them your entire life because it’s not the same when they aren’t playing. Thank you for reading my footballing backstory and I’d love to know who you support.


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  1. I’m from the states but I do love to watch them (I think we call it soccer here). I don’t hake a favorite team though. Your passion for your team really comes through in your post though!

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