FIFA 19 beta review

FIFA 19 beta review

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about my opinion of the Fifa 19 beta and what we can expect from the full game release in September. I have not written a review in a long time but as I have played 50 games of the beta, I will be using that experience I will discuss things like gameplay, strengths and weaknesses and how much does the game make me want to play it. I would also love to know what your opinions of Fifa are and whether or not you will be playing Fifa 19 when it is released.

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There is a lot I can say about the gameplay but to be honest I will keep it nice and simple. It feels like a slightly slower game in my opinion but this isn’t a bad thing. If you are very good at playing a possession game you will be in a good position. However, if you play a quick build up then you won’t be disadvantaged. You can counter attack a lot but because of the removal of the park the bus set up, nobody has a defence you can’t break down. It will be a very tactical game this year but I never had a game where I thought that I didn’t enjoy it.

I don’t think the kick off issues in Fifa 18 are as strong either. I did score some early goals and concede a few but it was down to very quick passing and accurate through balls. This is a relief for me because it shows that EA are actually trying to address one of the biggest problems from Fifa 18. It’ll be interesting to see how this transitions over to the full release in a month’s time but I am confident that Fifa 19 will be far more enjoyable than Fifa 18 and I had a whole load of fun playing that.


A big strength for me is the new game mode called Division Rivals. It was really competitive but for me, that was due to the fact that not many people had access to the beta. It felt like the matchups were very even too in terms of skill levels. This is great for me because FUT Champions at times was the most mismatched game mode in Fifa. I feel like I’m a decent player at Fifa but I do have a long way to go in order to take it to the next level.

Another strength for me is the fact that the game was more enjoyable and therefore I wanted to continue playing it. We haven’t had that feeling in Fifa for a long time but now things seem to be changing. I think we will see how it goes when the full release is out but if EA can communicate far more effectively than before then we could be in for a good surprise.


A big weakness for me is that they didn’t allow much chance to see how the Champions League and Europa League rights fit in with the game. We have only had a few teasers here and there and will need to wait to see just how perfectly it will fit in.

Another weakness is definitely FUT Draft rewards. They don’t seem to have changed very much from what I experienced. I hadn’t won a draft in the beta but I got to the final twice and semi-final once and didn’t get much for it.

Another weakness is that going with a Premier League team will probably be the meta going from the players I used in the beta. We need a balance and the opportunity to use players from leagues and nations we normally won’t go near.

My final thoughts

I think there are a lot of good things with FIFA 19 so far and that makes me excited as I pre-ordered the game quite a while ago now as I am a regular FIFA player and have been since I was about 4 years old. The weaknesses I mentioned above are things that EA should address because they are definitely not far away from having a very good game. I would definitely encourage giving the game a chance when it is fully released in September because I think you would enjoy it if you love gaming and football.

Thank you for reading my review guys. Have a great day.

My Rating is a solid 9/10


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