My blog plans going forward

My blog plans going forward

Hey guys, I am back with another blog post and this will be about my blog plans going forward. I want to keep you guys up to date with what’s going on in my head regarding blog content as I have loads of ideas and want to establish effective communication with you guys as you’ve shown me such wonderful support each and every blog post. I feel like doing regular updates on what type of content will come and when it will come is a great thing for a blog’s readers to know of because then you’ll know what is coming and can organise a time to read it. Let’s get right into the blog.

The content

I have so many ideas right now for content and to be perfectly honest I don’t know which order to go about writing it all. I think for the sake of you guys I will continue to upload a large variation of topics while adding in some things here and there including reviews and mental health content. I also do get little day trips to random places in Scotland with my girlfriend so there may be opportunities for travel-minded content at times too.

The weather in Scotland isn’t great right now though so that will be the only thing I am unsure of blogging about. The rest is pretty set in stone as far as ideas go. I would also like to add that if there’s any particular content that you would like to see then be free to leave it in a comment on this blog and I will consider writing about it. I am open to ideas from my readers and I think it can help when everyone contributes to the cause as I will feel inspired to do the best for you guys even more than I already do.

Frequency of content

As you guys will know, I work full time now. Unfortunately, due to this I now no longer have anywhere near enough time to blog as much as I used to. However, this doesn’t mean I will barely be blogging. The luxury of having the ability to come up with ideas and put them together fairly quickly has been allowing me to still post 2/3 blogs a week and I see this being the case as long as I can make the free time to write the content. I only want to upload the best content for you guys so I won’t be forcing it out each day as that’s just insanity.

I will probably try to post every 3 days at worst and sometimes every 2 days but if it ends up longer then it’ll be because something came up or I’m just overtired. I hope you guys understand this but don’t worry, the content will still be coming regularly. Another idea I am contemplating regarding upload frequency is by uploading content when it is ready and then maybe having 4/5 days with no blog after a few days in a row. It means the number of blogs I post wouldn’t change but when I upload them would.

My final thoughts

This has been my latest update on my blogging plans going forward, guys. I’d love to hear your feedback regarding the plans and what you think of my content. If you have any ways that I can improve my blog then feel free to comment on them too.

Thank you for reading my content guys.

18 thoughts on “My blog plans going forward

  1. Your blog is your space and you are entitled to change up the content & schedule as much as you like. I always find that the less stress I put on myself, the more creative and passionate I feel about my blog .

    You’re doing great!

    Holly x

  2. I believe in quality over quantity. Less is more. I’d rather read fewer posts than to read poorer quality posts. Btw, congrats on getting a full time job, that’s something to be proud of yourself for πŸ‘Œ

  3. My favorites are your mental health posts (that’s a topic I’m very passionate about!), but I’d love to read more about Scotland personally–I’m not familiar with the area at all.

  4. I can relate with you! I am also working on a full time job and blogging isn’t something I can do everyday anymore. But I am looking forward for your posts. Especially your travel posts in Scotland and about mental health πŸ™ŒπŸ» Happy weekend!

    Nicka |

  5. Such a nice idea to keep your readers up to date with how you’re planning on running your blog and when you plan to post. πŸ™‚ I hope the weather in Scotland isn’t too bad for you ☺️

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