My burn out blog break

My burn out blog break

Hey guys, I am back with my first blog in 9 days and this one will be about why I had taken a week off from blogging and stayed quiet on social media compared to normal. In this blog, I will also mention just how hard it is to go 100% with effort on blogging and social media constantly. I am glad to be back though and I hope you all enjoy this blog just like the ones previous to my break. In the comments, feel free to tell me about any reasons you have ever taken a break from anything and why you benefitted from a break. Let’s get right into the blog.

Why a week?

I didn’t plan to have a full week off, to begin with, but in the end, I just decided to take it because I realised how burned out from writing I actually was. Last week was also my first week back at work after a week’s holiday too so I was struggling to get back into the swing of things. I did get enough sleep but I was still absolutely exhausted. I thought that there wasn’t any point rushing back into it so I chose to relax a little longer.

The social media grind

Being on social media constantly is actually far tougher than anyone would think. It actually takes so much energy to manage to think of the right things to tweet, promote your blog, share positive opinions and engage with other people. I have managed to grow my Twitter account to over 14,000 followers now and get over 200 on Instagram and it is far harder than you’d imagine. I have been using my Twitter account from April 2015 and only had about 6500 followers when I began to blog in August last year.

I was just burned out from trying to force engagement that just wasn’t there and that is why I was barely tweeting all week especially about my blog or the content I had planned.

Blog content

Coming up with ideas wasn’t really that hard at all but my drafts just became full of ideas I wasn’t that happy with. I still have a few that will become blogs in due course but it will take time in order to get them 100%. Even while writing this content I am pretty tired still but I feel so much happier again and that can only be a good thing. I probably won’t bother with images at all because the stress from that only made me become drained with my blog in my opinion. I feel like I have good enough skills in writing to do great things with it and that’s what matters to me.

My final thoughts

I am back from my break now guys and I will aim to do a lot with my blog. I will change my approach to writing in order to stop myself from burning out. My longest time without a blog before now was 5 days and I want to get back to every 2/3 days consistently. I want to keep growing my blog to new levels and I’d love for you guys to engage with the content that I write.

Have a great day guys and stay tuned for loads of content.

10 thoughts on “My burn out blog break

  1. I did a 31 day blog challenge in August and it was tough to write every day and promote and engage on social media. So I can understand your need for a break! I am taking most of this week off and then hope to blog every 2-3 days to stay consistent. It’s good that you gave yourself a break and then came up with a schedule that works better for you πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been there! Ugh I’ve been there. It’s so smart of you to take a break. That’s what you need sometimes just a break to rest and reset. Welcome back! Great post and thank you for sharing those tips

  3. I can’t think of anything worse than NOT taking a break, and having to write content. It doesn’t do anyone any good, so snaps for you for taking a well deserved one πŸ™‚ mental health is a must in any profession – it’s so great that you’re back blogging πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations on growing your followers so much! It’s definitely tough and worth giving yourself a break often, I actually now schedule a lot of my promotional type content… I actually really hate doing self-promo and so find it easier to schedule those tweets all at once so I don’t have to think about it! Sometimes I just want to take the day off and not look at my phone for a while, so it’s definitely worth having content scheduled in the background!

    1. Thank you so much 😊 Yeah I just try to fit in tweets here and there when I’m on my lunch break at work on in the house

  5. This was soooo good to read! because I’m currently having a blog break and its so nice to know I’m not alone! a break is just what the doctor ordered sometimes! I’m looking forward to you next few posts though! also well done on the followers!!!

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