I need this setup

I need this setup

Hey guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is about my new blogging routine and why it needs to be that way. I have been working super hard on my blogging journey for nearly 14 months now and it’s tough to keep it up so I have worked out a strategy that helps me balance my life and keeps me free to blog sometimes too. I’d also love to read comments on how often you guys blog and what causes that to be the case. Let’s get right into the blog.

New strategy

As you guys know, I now work full time from Monday to Friday 8:45am til 5pm. As you can imagine this takes so much energy every single week. On Monday I will have been in my job for 20 weeks and it’s crazy how much that causes you to lose on energy. I was coping well at first with still blogging 2/3 times a week during the week but now I just can’t keep up with that. I felt like my quality was suffering and that’s what I never want.

So, guys, I will now only be blogging and writing at the weekend in the spare time I get. I will hopefully always manage to make time at the weekend so that at least 1 blog comes out each week and where I can I will write and publish more than 1. I feel like this will allow me to write the best content under absolutely no pressure. I don’t care for the numbers that come with blogging as it’s only a hobby and I need to remind myself of that.


I feel like this will help my readers massively as you will know what days my blogs are guaranteed to be released on as well as knowing I don’t post so much that you cannot keep up with it. At one point I posted 7 blogs in 8 days and I fully understood that it was far too much.

Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always guys. Comment below with what you think of my plans and comment with how many times you blog per week and why that is the case.

8 thoughts on “I need this setup

  1. Hi, I will start blogging soon when I have got my head around all the techy glitches that keep appearing. I don’t know how you managed to post more than one blog a week but from the other side of the fence I wouldn’t like to read more than one a week. When I continually receive emails day after day from the same people it puts me off reading them. I am always happy to read your blogs because they are not ‘in my face’.

  2. I have a Skype call biweekly with the other half of my blog (who is really my editor, idea bouncer, and best friend). I try to start posts when I’m on the call with her and it’s been kinda working out for now.

    I get what you mean about being busy.

  3. I’m pretty new to all this and have been doing 1-2 posts per week. I work full time too and it can be pretty hard to fit it in especially when I have work deadlines and have to do longer days! Definitely need to have a good balance of work hobbies and just chill time!

  4. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to realise that it’s quality over quantity with a blog and you’re happier with the things you post now you’re doing it once a week, i’m The same with mine. Good stuff

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