How should we tackle mental health issues?

How should we tackle mental health issues?

Hey guys, I am back with my first blog in a couple of weeks and this is one I have been thinking about for a long time. I have been thinking a lot about mental health issues and how they are so common now yet we still have a stigma attached to them. As a result, I have come up with a list of things that we should do in order to help fight against mental health problems. I would love for you guys to leave your suggestions in the comments too and tell me what you think of our mental health problems. Let’s get right into the blog.

So, guys, I am going to do this in a list below. Let’s get into it.

  • Have classes in school about mental health and self-care methods
  • Have stronger punishments on social media sites for those who are negative to others
  • Reveal more information on why you shouldn’t drink alcohol while suffering mentally
  • Encourage others to speak out more
  • Look after our friends and family far more
  • Check up on others who post negative feelings on social media
  • Have volunteers or paid staff to supervise bridges and areas with rivers as suicide can be in these areas a lot
  • Have better facilities for mental health problems and treatment
  • Give better alternatives to medication as it doesn’t always help
  • Encourage others to be comfortable in their own skin
  • Reach out to those who are vulnerable and lonely
  • Have stronger punishments for bullying in schools, colleges etc
  • Show unity against the stigma
  • Protect those who are struggling to fit in
  • Teach others that it’s okay to not be okay

This was my list guys and I’d love to know your thoughts on it and other things you recommend in the fight against mental health problems. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog guys. Have a great day.

4 thoughts on “How should we tackle mental health issues?

  1. Students should definitely be exposed to mental health and self care. The school environment is a great place to initiate dialogue and start a discussion. When it comes to mental health and the negative stigmas perpetuated by society, exposure in class could make a world of a difference. We’ve come so far in regards to connecting with others via social media but connections in general seem lacking, there’s a lack of depth which probably stems from people’s fear of unknown. It’s a shame because people ought to feel comfortable in expressing their feelings and perspectives without fear of repercussions.

  2. Definitely the school point should be blogged about. It took being in college for me to actually learn more about mental illness. The worse part is that there are some parents who don’t believe in it

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