Am I normal for my age?

Am I normal for my age?

Hey guys, I am finally back with a new blog and this one is about whether or not I feel like I am normal compared to other people my age. I feel like this is a good thing to think about because being different is such an amazing thing and if you guys would love to share what you think of me and how I act in the comments then I would greatly appreciate it. I would also love to know how you view others in terms of whether you think you are normal or not. Let’s get right into the blog.

Going by social media it is pretty common for people my age to be out drinking alcohol, have loads of friends and be stressed 24/7. However, I feel like none of that describes me at all. I am a very level-headed individual who has their life planned out very well and I haven’t drunk alcohol in 18 months now. I definitely don’t have many friends either as I have become so distant due to the fact I don’t drink and also due to the fact my life is consumed by work and my relationship but I definitely do not see that as a bad thing.

I definitely think that by being different from everyone else is actually the thing that saved me both mentally and physically. I used to be tired 24/7 and living at 100mph constantly and that wasn’t healthy for me. I kept making rash decisions because I never knew what I was doing with my life whereas now I make calm, well thought out decisions that have got me stability and a happy life.

My advice to people my age would be to do what you want and not what you think is normal or what other people want you to do. It is easy to be pressured in today’s world because everything is on social media and communication is simple. However, living your life is something only you can do and that is why you need to do things your way. I would love to have loads of close friends too but I don’t regret anything about my life and the way it is because my job is amazing and my relationship is the best and longest one that I’ve ever been in.

This has been my first blog in a while, guys. I would love for you guys to tell me what you think and share your opinions in the comments. Have a great day.

14 thoughts on “Am I normal for my age?

  1. Glad you’re back to writing! I think about this sometimes, and I doubt I’m very “normal” either–who has a genealogy blog at 22? Slowing down my life and focusing in on the hobbies I love–genealogy, reading, things like that–definitely changed everything for the better. I guess I’m saying I know exactly what you mean–a great post this week!

  2. Normal is overrated. Like you said it’s so easy to get caught up in how we think we should be living our lives, and social media definitely doesn’t help. But I don’t really think there is a normal way of being, society and social media perpetuate the idea. But 22 hardly go out, don’t do any drugs besides smoke. A fun friday night would be camping lol I am not normal for my age.
    This was great post though. I can’t wait for your next!
    P.S. Good for you for not drinking for so long;18 months is such great length of time!

  3. I think society does expect a 24 year old man to be out and about every weekend drinking, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with those who don’t. I used to go out lots drinking, but things change, you mature and realise there are better things to do, and you realised that at an earlier age which I think is fab! Keep being you

  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being different. I don’t want to be a sheep – I am nearly 30 and most parents I know are drinking lots every week, I barely drink. I am so different to the norm but I am happy and I think ultimately that is what is important, it just takes a few years to get to that stage I think

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