Why did I import my old content

Why did I import my old content

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about a recent change I made to my blog. I decided to import my blog content from my old blog, delete that blog and keep everything on this site. I will now go on to discuss what my thought process was when making the decision and what you guys can gain from having all of my content in one place. I’d also love for you guys to comment with what you think of my decision. Let’s get into the blog.

The first reason was that I wanted to be able to look at my previous content in order to keep a good track of what content I had already covered. Nothing worse than when you forget you’ve written about something and then cover it almost identically a second time. I also feel like readers pick up on that too and repetition turns them away from your blog. I have had a tough time of keeping active followers on my blog and I feel like it’s not just my upload schedule that influences that. I never offered enough alternative content for people to read on the days I don’t blog. I have written over 200 blogs and now you have access to them all.

My second reason is for you guys to see how my blogging journey has gone. I have had loads of ups and downs over my blogging time but now that you guys can see my full journey and not just part of it you have a better understanding of me as a blogger. I have mentioned a lot about myself during my blogging journey and I feel like a lot of people would have missed out on that.

I can now also find extra ways to improve my blog as people have more content to judge me by instead of a little content. I brought over approximately 170 blog posts when I imported my old stuff and I didn’t realise how much I had written.

So, guys, there are my reasons for importing my old content. I would love for you guys to check out that content as you’ve got plenty to check out now about a large variety of topics. Thank you so much for supporting my blog and have a great day.


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