My 2018 review in moments

My 2018 review in momentsย 

Hey guys, I am back with my final blog of 2018 and I want to share with you my 2018 review where I will discuss some of the biggest moments of my year with you guys. I will also discuss whether I am in a better or worse position now than I was at the beginning of the year. I would also love for you guys to share your favourite moments of 2018 in the comments and say whether you’re in a better position now than you were at the beginning of the year. Let’s get right into the blog now.

January 6th

This was my first anniversary with my girlfriend Sophie. It’s crazy to think we are only 6 days away from being together 2 years but that’s how much time flies. She’s changed my life for the better and that means the world to me.

January 19th

This was the day that I was dismissed from my first job. It really sucked but when I think about it I wasn’t in a good place mentally or physically and I wasn’t treated well or trained properly by anyone in that job so it turned out to be for the better.

January 23rd

This was the day I first had to go to the hospital due to internal blood loss and extreme levels of sickness. I felt so horrible but I knew I had to get help one way or another. The end result was that I was back on tablets and slowly on the mend as nothing serious was wrong.

February 14th

This was my 2nd Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend Sophie but it was our first full day together due to the fact we didn’t get to spend much time together for our first one. We had a lovely day out in Edinburgh and despite how cold it was we made the most of a special day together.

April 28th

This date marked 1 year without alcohol for me and this was so special because I never imagined it happening. I always felt like I needed it to feel comfortable and thanks to my girlfriend being so supportive I am still alcohol-free to this very day and plan to keep it this way.

May 4th

This was the day I had my interview for the job I am in now. I had been sick most of the week building up to it and only slept for an hour before it then managed to go and be interviewed by 3 people at once for the first time ever. I somehow managed to be successful and to be honest, I will never know how.

May 14th

This was the first day of my current job and it feels like a blur that I’ve now nearly been there 8 months. As you guys know, I have Asperger’s and this made me so nervous, to begin with, but as time has gone on I have grown to love my job and I want to keep succeeding in it.

May 30th

This is my birthday and despite working on that day this year I still managed to have a great day. Work flew in and then I went for a meal with my girlfriend and the weather was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday and I hope to have more like it.

June 17th

This was my 2nd trip to the hospital due to internal blood loss. As you can imagine I was terrified of what the results were this time but once again all it turned out to be was a minor problem. I have had multiple blood tests too and every single one of them has resulted in all clears so I hope one day that I know exactly what the problems have been caused by.

August 7th

This is my girlfriend’s birthday and we were both working that day so ended up making different plans to turn it into one big week of special days. From a couple of meals to going to lovely seaside places we made the most of it and had such a great time.

November 5th

This was my first Bonfire night in the house for a few years but it actually turned out to make it better. Just being cosy with my girlfriend watching fireworks go off near my house and seeing the sky light up was far better than frantically trying to get somewhere to see a public display.

December 25th

Christmas day was such a different yet great day for me this year. I had never spent the day with someone else’s family and that was daunting for me but it all went so well. I had also spent time relaxing and being spoiled rotten by my mum, sister and girlfriend before we went to my girlfriend’s mum and dad’s house so it all worked out immaculately.

Conclusions and final thoughts

I am so much better off now than I was this time last year. I feel like I have grown so much as a person and now I have a far more developed relationship, a stable job and a good bit of saving behind me. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog in 2018 guys. Don’t forget to comment about your 2018 and I will see you back on the blog in 2019 and behind. Happy New Year.

14 thoughts on “My 2018 review in moments

  1. Happy new year – thanks for sharing what happened with you in 2018, sounds like you had an interesting year…
    My best thing was starting my blog and also starting on Twitter! Apart from that, has been a rubbish year for me and I’m hoping 2019 will be better!

  2. I’m glad you had more ups than downs ๐Ÿ™‚ Merging your life with your partner’s is always exciting. Meeting the family and making new traditions. I hope you can keep it up this year!

  3. It’s always so interesting reading a year in review and seeing all the different moments which make it up. I especially like how you had exact dates for so many of these so you can really keep track. Sounds like you had some great moments in 2018 and wishing you a great 2019!

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