30 Minute Blog Challenge-My Attempt

30 Minute Blog Challenge- My Attempt

Hey guys, I am back with a new blog and this is my attempt at the challenge I had spoken about a couple of weeks ago. In this blog, I will be discussing how I feel towards my blog and how I’m getting on in life in general. I thank you so much for the great response to the challenge idea itself and if you wanna leave me feedback on my post itself then feel free to drop a comment after you read. Let’s get right into the blog.

My blog

I have been feeling great about my blog in 2019 so far. Something clicked for me in January and it’s given me a newfound love for blogging and I want to keep blogging for many years to come. I wish I could get more time to blog but with a full-time job, a relationship, gaming and so much more it just doesn’t happen, unfortunately. As a result of that though, I will make the most of all of the writing and promotion time I get with my blog as it has been a great outlet for growing my self-confidence and sharing my thoughts and feelings with you guys.

I have been blogging since August 2017 and grew a great pattern of engagement on here as well as on my Twitter too with nearly 16k followers over there. Don’t ask me how because I have no answer as to how my Twitter grew to the extent it has in recent times. I guess hard work and engagement have helped in that regards. I am fairly hopeless with engaging due to my Asperger’s playing a massive part in me not being good at conversation starting and generally holding them together. I do get spells of decent engagement where I feel comfortable enough though and I hope more of this comes in the future.

My life

My life, in general, has kept going well in 2019. I built strong foundations for myself in 2018 within my relationship, job, and health and I hope this continues in 2019. I am now 9 months into my job and 2 years into my relationship and I hope neither ends anytime soon. I have lofty plans for both too as I plan to get a flat with my girlfriend and last long in my job and continue to get better at it. I feel like I am still a bit rough around the edges with some things my job involves but nobody is perfect.

I feel like physically and mentally I will keep improving too. I wish I had time to do gym work and build muscle in my arms and legs but as I am so injury prone I have to be super careful with both. I have never had an answer on how I get injuries so easily but one day I hope to overcome it all. Even when I do a lot of writing in work I sometimes get pain in my shoulder and have to relax it off for a minute or two just in order to get the feeling back into it. It is so frustrating because the pain is just so random and sudden.


For me, life and my blog are both doing well. I wish to keep going well in both too and I am more than confident that I will. I feel like I have serious momentum now and I am loving everything that I do. Here’s to a great 2019 for everyone. I am also loving the fact that I have managed to do this challenge so well too. I feel like writing with pace has suited me and I love challenging myself to do more things with the same quality in less time. The idea for this challenge was so random but here we are 15 minutes in and I am now reaching the end of my post.

I hope you guys had fun reading the post and I thank you so much for supporting me in my blogging journey. Have a great day.

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  1. Good to hear life is going well so far this year, hopefully that continues for the rest of 2019 πŸ™‚

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. You have wonderful positivity and it’s nice to read. I wish there was more positive people like you. Keep doing what your doing x

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