A Blogger’s Frustration

A Blogger’s Frustration

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about the darker side of blogging that you guys don’t always see as a reader. Blogging is far from all fun and games and in this blog, I will discuss just how easy it is for bloggers to become frustrated and what things can cause this. I would love for you guys to comment with what things frustrate you in life and if you are a blogger I’d love to know what is with blogging that frustrates you. Let’s get right into this blog.


This is up there with one of the biggest annoyances in the world for a blogger. Growing accounts is pretty difficult to do while actually making time for blog writing and as I’ve mentioned before this is a pretty sneaky tactic people use. Blogging shouldn’t be a competition so there’s absolutely no need for this tactic to exist let alone be used by so many people. It’s so bad on Twitter and Instagram so with Instagram I’ve not really put too much effort into growing my account and to be honest, it has grown without me doing much.

Inactive readers

As a blogger of 18 months now this one is probably my biggest annoyance. I have 926 blog followers at the time of writing this post. However, you would think I have about 80/90 at most going by my viewership. The problem I have is that people chose to follow my blog and instead of unfollowing it they have just gone inactive when they didn’t like the content. I would personally prefer that they unfollowed because then I would have a better-balanced follower base in comparison with my numbers.

A lack of blog feedback

This one has been doing my head in lately. My last post before this one was a request for blog feedback and it started off great and I got some really lovely feedback that I can use to improve going forward. The problem is that after the start, nothing has come since. I am sure I’m not the only blogger that would love way more feedback than they get either. As a reader, you should be looking to give as much feedback as possible as this will help your favourite bloggers so much. Part of being a blogger with no niche is that it has been torture when it comes to narrowing down what topics to write about. I would really love a hand from you guys so that I know what interests you the most.

Blog Stats

Numbers are a big thing in the blogging world and to an extent, every blogger is driven by them. We love knowing what each post is doing and on each day too but sometimes we just let them get us down so much. We sit wondering why a post hasn’t got much viewership or likes or why our stats are low for a day compared to everyone else’s. I am getting better at handling it but even still there are some days where I get annoyed and downed by the numbers. I would love that even if your favourite bloggers don’t post on a certain day, you guys should still check out an old post that you may have missed. It will mean so much to not only me but any other blogger that you choose to support.

These have been things that frustrate bloggers. Thank you for reading and supporting my content guys. Have a great day.

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