Different social media, different tactics

Different social media, different tactics

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about my social media and how I use different strategies between Twitter and Instagram and why I use these social media sites in particular and why time limits me to these in order to get blog posts created and engagement built up. I’d also love for you guys to follow my Instagram which is mcginley20002018 and my Twitter which is @PaulMcG1994. I would also love to know what social media sites you use and why you use and like them. Let’s get right into the blog.


I’ve been super chilled with Instagram and even though it doesn’t give me much traffic, it still does more for my blog than search engines and Facebook does and that is pretty cool. I take such a relaxed plan with Instagram. I just got into the habit of sitting back, posting whenever I upload new blogs and wait on people following me first. I never really go following loads of people first because of the extreme follow/unfollow game and the stress that comes with it but with a bit of promotion of my Instagram on Twitter, I have managed to find a decent following too so it’s been a positive app for me to use. It is also very quick and easy to use too so I cannot go wrong there and I strongly recommend using it.


I have a totally different approach to Twitter and to be honest, it has worked since I started to blog. Twitter has also always been my main source of blog traffic and engagement. Unlike Instagram, I actually follow first on there and find new bloggers to connect. I have nearly 16k followers on Twitter and trying to grow it organically with very few shoutouts has been so fun and successful. I don’t always feel like I have the most engagement that I could but that comes down to the amount of time I can spend on social media.

I hope to continue successfully on Twitter and building up my blog following even more. I also recommend using Twitter as it is so easy to find and connect with people that have similar interests to yourself.

Why nothing else?

I have always seen people be successful with other things like Pinterest etc but the main reason I don’t use anything else is down to the fact that I have such limited time to spend on everything. I have to write super quickly to get posts done and getting time to focus on Twitter and Instagram can be tough enough without adding anything else in.


This has been my strategy post guys. I would love your feedback on my social media and my blog. Have a great day.

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4 thoughts on “Different social media, different tactics

  1. An interesting one as I’ve only recently joined the Twitter world, having tried to avoid it for the longest time… now I’m late to the game I feel totally behind and I find it quite confusing, looking at the notifications and not being able to easily see who’s tweeted who or twittered about what!
    Insta I find quite easy in comparison and just post randomly whenever I feel like it, and scroll through other posts when I’ve got some down time.x

    1. Yeah notifications on Twitter are difficult to keep up with but we all suffer from that so I wouldn’t let it worry you too much x

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