Does follow/unfollow still exist?

Does follow/unfollow still exist?

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about the follow/unfollow game that still, unfortunately, goes on with Twitter and blogging itself. I’ve also heard a lot about how bad it is on Instagram but I don’t use it so it’s harder for me to comment on that. I’d love to hear your opinion and experiences of the follow/unfollow game and also what strategies do you guys use in order to grow your blog and social media? I’d also love to read comments about them.

I had written about the whole follow/unfollow thing in a lot of detail on Twitter itself a few times before now. I don’t manage to speak accurately for a lot of people very often but that blog felt like I was writing for the frustration of the majority and not just a few people. From my own experience, the follow/unfollow thing is up there with the worst things in blogging. For me, only the unnecessary drama and plagiarism are worse than it so that says a lot considering I’m a really easy going person.

The problem with it is that it’s so common especially on Twitter. It usually gets honest people done out of gaining new followers too because I’ve now found it way harder to gain followers as most people don’t follow back in the fear of getting unfollowed immediately. Another thing about it is that people just assume that you do it due to random days of low engagement which is so bad because I’ve learned that you can have days with no engagement whatsoever and gain followers honestly.

My social media growth tactics

I have a very tactic-orientated way of growing my follower base on my blog and my Twitter and due to the follow/unfollow game, it takes an incredible amount of patience to grow them both. On Twitter, I grow by following new people who I think I’d engage with. These are usually bloggers but I don’t follow any type of blogger specifically. I’m quite open to following all types of bloggers as you can learn so many ways to improve your content through a range of perspectives.

As someone who has also recently milestones on both Instagram and Twitter, I am a bit too nervous compared to what you would think of someone with the self-confidence I have. I have serious momentum on social media yet I still see myself falling victim of some serious follow/unfollowing.

I only unfollow those who don’t follow me back when I hit Twitter follow limits and due to the fact I feel like I’m nosey when I follow someone but they don’t follow me. That is a perk of being overly awkward though. With my blog, it’s a little different. My main tactics for growing my blog are to aim to produce my best quality of writing every single post and to make them as engaging as possible and that is why I always look for feedback from you guys. It doesn’t always come but I’m okay with that as nobody gets it 100% spot on every single time.

My final thoughts

I hope that one day we can get rid of the follow/unfollow game completely from blogging. I think it’s not good to call people out for it though as it is so easy to get wrong because people just see numbers and assume that someone does it. We just need to support each other’s content and be positive and that is why I’m so driven when it comes to allowing you guys to share your content on my posts like my last one before this one.

Anyway, guys, I hope you have all enjoyed this blog. Thank you for reading and supporting me as always and have a great day.

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30 thoughts on “Does follow/unfollow still exist?

  1. It’s so bad on Instagram! I’ve lost hundreds of followers that way! I jus follow those who follow me and some bloggers who’s work I’ve actually been reading! Thank you for sharing! Again learning so much from you. I thought it was only happening to me 🤣🤦‍♀️

  2. I have dealt with the follow/unfollow game before but I’ve been working on growing my Twitter over the last month and have drastically changed the way I do things. The first time I signed up for Twitter, years ago, I followed just about anyone. And I would hit those follow limits that you mentioned. Now, I am a lot more selective about who I follow. I only follow people that are similar to the content I create, or ones that I know I would enjoy interacting with. So, I haven’t had to unfollow people because of limitations. I think, because I am more selective in choosing who I follow and interact with, I haven’t run into the follow/unfollow game so much this time around. Not enough that I would notice it, at least. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing it with us 🙂

    1. Thank you so much 😊 For me it’s hard to follow just people similar to me because I have no niche lol I mainly just follow bloggers though as I can learn from more people

      1. That would make it difficult. I have been running my blog as mainly a lifestyle blog, but we also encompass books, food, travel, parenting, and we talk about blogging. So I tend to stick in those categories when I follow people. And, because I ran into the follow limitations the last time around, I try to only follow 5-10 people at a time, then wait until I have a few more followers so that I don’t run into the same problem again.

        1. Yeah the limitations get worse as you gain more followers unfortunately. That’s really good organisation

    2. The Instagram unfollow game is ridiculous! One day you will get 100 followers and by the next 60 will have unfollowed you, I follow & support everyone, therefore I don’t understand what the purpose of that is, but it is what it is, I don’t think that will ever stop to be honest

  3. I’ve found it’s awful on Instagram and I’m pretty sure gaining followers on there is just luck… Haven’t noticed it much at all on Twitter if I’m honest though! I tend to look at the ratio between someone’s followers and following before I follow now – if their followers are crazily higher then I don’t even bother because if they follow/unfollow then they’re probably not the sort of person I want to engage with

    1. Yeah it really is luck lol yeah I only usually follow people if they don’t have a particularly big following and if they don’t follow as many people as they are followed by I don’t follow either

  4. I see people going on about this all the time and it really is a crappy thing. I don’t really tend to pay attention if people unfollow so it never seems to impact me to be completely honest. I have to admit I don’t tend to follow people with like 31.2k followers who follow immense amounts of people (especially when they are just random) because you know they won’t engage with you.

    1. Yeah I feel like even with 16k followers I’m still super engaging compared to a lot with similar numbers so I follow people with not many followers

  5. Honestly, I think I haven’t even noticed the follow/ unfollow on Twitter since its so annoying on Instagram. I cannot hope enough for the day follow/ unfollow is somehow banned by the social media outlets. Completely defeats the point of social media in my opinion.

  6. It’s getting harder for accounts to do the follow/unfollow thing as people were using a lot of third party apps like Statusbrew to perform the actions in bulk. Twitter has banned them all, so a lot of the companies that created the sites have gone bust. It’s a real shame, as I used statusbrew not to follow in bulk but to check who’s still following me and to choose who to unfollow- who’s not active any more, or to see who my biggest followers were. I can’t do that now. I’m hoping Twitter themselves will allow us to at least analyse our own accounts better, even if unfollowing would be a laborious task back on the original platform.

  7. I’ve noticed this with instagram, not so much with twitter just yet. I’ve spent countless hours on instagram trying to build up a good rapport only to be unfollowed. It gets tedious and frustrating! I guess this is just the life of the digital world I suppose?

  8. I’ve never noticed the follow/unfollow on Twitter but it is so bad on Instagram. I think people want instant followers rather than taking the time to build a genuine, engaging following. What is the point in just having anyone and everyone following you/following them if you don’t engage with them or get to know them.

  9. The follow/unfollow thing drives me crazy! It’s happened to me so many times I just focus on whether or not I like reading the things people post now and hope my posts find people who like what I say in return. But I do practice “follow for follow.”

  10. There was a time I’d spend hours scrolling through twitter to unfollow those who followed/unfollowed me. It was annoying and exhausting and I realised that this trend started because of their desire to accumulate numbers. Personally, I’m not all about the numbers anymore so I just follow people who I think are cool, focus on engagement with my sincere followers and leave the the others to play their games.

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