Inactive blog followers

Inactive blog followers

Hey guys, I am back with a new blog and this one will be about a big pet hate of mines in blogging which is inactive blog followers. In this post, I will be discussing what I think of following blogs and why it is super important to stay active on them as much as humanly possible. I would love to know what you guys think as followers of my blog and I’d also love to know how you see my blog and my attitude towards my blog following. Let’s get right into the blog post.

I am usually quite calm as a person but this is just a thing that kept playing on my mind. I admit I’ve made mistakes here and there with how I went about acquiring blog followers. One of them was definitely believing in follow trains on social media. I overused them way too much for too long and does that damage thing for me now? It absolutely does in my opinion. I have 953 blog followers but lately, I have felt like I maybe have 70/80 at the absolute most. It does my head in when people stay followed to blogs that they have no intention to read and I think I speak for most bloggers when I say that we all hate dead numbers and would prefer to have low follower counts with active followers over high follower counts with low activity.

I fully understand people being busy and that stopping them from reading blogs but when you know you’ll rarely or never be active on their blog then that is probably the time to unsubscribe or unfollow them and thank them for providing content while you could read it. I have seen people almost stop blogging altogether due to their blog being neglected by people who followed and went inactive almost immediately. This is saddening to see so I will say just one thing. I hope you guys reading this share this message with everyone.

If you are following a blogger, let them know you engage with their content.

This has been a small post for you guys expressing my concerns and I hope it helps you understand how I feel about my own blog following as well as allowing you guys to know how to help other bloggers too.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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45 thoughts on “Inactive blog followers

  1. I’ve recently taken part in these “follow trains” you speak of. That is a really good point!

  2. Inactive followers are truly annoying but you gotta try not to let that be what you focus on. ❤️ Not everyone follows for the right reasons. I learned that with my first blog and that’s okay! As long as they’re not affecting my blog stats and money that my blog brings me then I’m alright. That’s the perspective I try to have on that topic. Keep writing and acknowledging your genuine followers though. I fully understand your frustration.

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! I always love to read your posts because. You’re completely honest and don’t hold back, you’re awesome!

  4. Interesting post as usual, I do try and stay connected with lots of the blogs I follow. But I will admit – I do tend to interact more with people/blogs that interact with mine directly. I also tend to follow only blogs that I’m interested in, so like today I have opened a million tabs and plan on doing a bit of blog catch up reading.

    Happy Sunday.

  5. I think blogs probably follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your interaction and activity is going to come from only 20% of your followers. People get busy too. One of your followers might be inactive for months, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love your content!

    1. Yeah I’ve never really had an 80/20 rule on my blog. It’s always been wildly unpredictable and my comments mainly come from new people minus a few that have commented a handful of times

  6. 100% agreed with all your concerns. It’s hard to even get people to hit the “like” button and pass by on a hard worked post. Inactiveness is very frustrating and discouraging.

  7. I think I have lots of inactive followers too but I must admit I try not to let it bother me too much, if anything it makes me all the more appreciative of the priceless followers that do interact as they mean a lot to me when they take the time to read and comment and care.

  8. I love this! I try to stay connected as much as possible but sometimes I slack – I tryyyyy hard to steer clear of doing that though!! Love your posts as usual! x

  9. It can be pretty hard to keep up with other people’s blogs, the more you follow the harder it is. Also I find that when I comment on other blogs, they comment on mine – are you commenting on other blogs too?

    1. Yeah that’s true. I stopped purely because I used to do it all the time and it was never returned lol

  10. That is so annoying, but you’ve got to keep writing anyway, maybe they’ll come back one day when they’re scrolling through their wordpress. All the best!

  11. Great post! I totally agree! I love it when people comment on my blog, and it’s hard to keep up with but I try to comment as much as possible too.

  12. This is a very relatable feeling! Personally, my blogging is a bit on-and-off and my blog reading sort of aligns with that, so I guess I’m also guilty of being an inactive follower sometimes. My blog has been around for a while, so quite a few of the people who are ‘following’ it have stopped blogging and are no longer active on wordpress. This doesn’t bother me so much, life happens. It annoys me much more when someone clearly only follows your blog (or twitter for that matter) because they want to be followed back. It makes you feel a bit shitty about your blog not being worth their attention or something. I try focusing on my active followers & also being active on their blogs instead.

    1. Yeah that’s so true. My blogging is always a set day because of working full time and I’ve had way too many people who followed for a follow and nothing else. Does my head in but life happens lol

  13. I make an effort to try and read post everyday, even if it’s just a few at a time. Some days just get away from me and other days I’m reading all day long.

    I see your point as both a follower and a blogger It can be really annoying but I’m trying not to let my inactive followers bother me because I know people might just be busy.

    On the other hand I know too many people who follow just for the follow back.

  14. I know exactly how it feels for my posts to have no engagement and that’s why I try to be very vocal when I relate with other bloggers. It’s inspiring to inspire people on their blogs by leaving feedback. And I notice that reading other blogs (and commenting) gets my creative juices flowing. What I do is that if I’m not getting engagements as I desire, I take the step to engage others.

  15. I agree with you. I’ve recently written about much the same in my post “does your blog spark joy?” The numbers mean nothing if you don’t have engagement. I’ve started following by email a lot more, because I found that the reader wasn’t showing me what I wanted to see. And I do unfollow if I’m not interested in a blog, but usually after several posts, not if I just find one unappealing.

    1. Yeah that’s a good point. Thank you for your comment. Yeah me too and I’d understand as my blog topics range so much so a particular topic not interesting everyone is normal

  16. I have been having a good laugh about those social media trains. It took me a week of trying and of being on twitter to see it’s worthless. Once people start worrying about numbers, they forget about humans. Sometimes you bump into nice and interesting bloggers, other times you are just another piece of meat to chew until they think your “follow” is secure enough. Oh well, just try to have a good laugh and filter people and blogs according to your own standards 🙂 Easier said than done, I know, yesterday night I got pissed off on instagram haha.

    1. Yeah that’s all so true. Yeah Instagram used to piss me off til I stopped trying completely on it haha

  17. Yes you hit the nail on the coffin! I recently stopped with the follow trains because I do see that we just want numbers instead of real supporters. I agree do it organically. If you’re writing is on point they will read and stay reading.

  18. This was such an interesting post and really made me think! I try to be as active as I can on other people’s blogs, but I know life gets in the way and I forget. I’ve started a new schedule to make sure I take the time to go and read posts on my follow list and leave a comment. Even if I only manage to read one post it’s still showing support and still showing I care. This was such an eyeopener, though! I’d partial to the follow train, but you’re 100% right.

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