January Content Summary

January Content Summary

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and in this one, I will be reviewing last month for my blog and discussing the content that I uploaded during January. I managed to get 7 posts released last month and this felt so good for me to just kick off with a bang once I got started on the 13th. I will be chatting about the ideas I wrote about as well as the feedback and changes that have come since. I would also love to know what you thought of my January content as well as what you want to see going forward on my blog. Let’s get right into this blog.

Content ideas

I was full of content ideas in January. I chose to mix a bit of everything into my content and this included discussing the term plus-size, blogging frustrations, theme and schedule changes and a few more. I feel like I have so many ideas too that will be out as soon as possible that I had come up with in January but never got round to writing about.

The theme and schedule change

I have only just discussed these in a very recent blog so if you haven’t read that, it will be linked at the bottom of this along with the rest of my January blog posts. I feel like we have a fresh start now and the pressure is really off of me to rush with writing. I am back to work on Monday too, therefore, my writing time will be very limited. The schedule will allow me to prepare so much in advance and this will hopefully make my content enjoyable for you guys and girls.

Blog performance

I feel like we had a great performance on the blog in January. I feel like despite not posting my first blog until the 13th, things just worked in every regard. 1139 views and 122 likes were managed last month and this is absolutely incredible with just 7 blogs posted. I feel like I am finally getting a little bit of performance from Instagram too so if you wish to follow me on that my username is mcginley20002018.


At first, I was having a tough time with getting feedback but lately, more has come and I feel like it has helped me take the blog in the right direction for everyone. It is so tough having a nicheless blog and finding content that everyone enjoys but last month seems like a big success across the board. I would love to know more about what you guys think about my blog content so I’d love feedback on a very regular basis. Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always guys. Have a great day.

If you missed any of January’s content here it is below:

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10 thoughts on “January Content Summary

  1. Blogging definitely isn’t easy. I have been doing this for about two years now and my progress has been minimal, but it looks like you are heading in the right direction! Consistency tends to be key, but like you said in your post, working makes posting minimal. I hope we both reach our destinations together! Thank you for this super candid post. 😊

    Diana | The Golden Lining

  2. Sounds like you’re heading down the right path! I can’t really say, as I am much newer to this than you are, but from what i’ve been picking up, this all seems very relatable! Good luck going forward, blogging friend!

    – Sugi Says

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