My blog plans for 2019

My blog plans for 2019

Hey guys, I am back with another blog post and this one is my first of 2019. I had planned to get this post up in the first few days of the year but I was caught up with being back at work, my anniversary with my girlfriend last weekend and a bit of self-care time. I will be discussing my blog plans and ambitions for 2019 and where I see my blog going this year. I have a lot of big plans for it and I will now go on to share my thoughts with you guys. I would love for you to share your plans in the comments for 2019 and also discuss what you think of my plans. Let’s get right into the blog.


I plan to keep going with a large variety of content. I find that I am not strong in one particular niche but I’m fairly good at loads of different ones. Ever since I grew out of only blogging about mental health I feel like I developed a lot when it comes to writing in general as well as developing better ideas for content. I will still post about mental health from time to time in 2019 but there will be far more to come as absolutely anything goes on here as you guys know.

The frequency of blog post

I definitely need to aim for at least one post a week if not far more. I feel like a big let down as my year went on in 2018 was posting so much less. I am busy with work and my girlfriend but I definitely need to do even a bit of writing during the week because I will manage to do enough for 2 posts a week if that is the case. I will eventually aim for 6/7 blog posts a month but I will keep you guys posted on that as time goes on. It’s all about quality for me but I know I’m a good enough writer to produce more posts at a quality level than I do.

Blog growth

I aim to massively grow my blog in 2019. I don’t know how far I will go with followers but views for me is the big aim to improve. I want to continue to grow both my Twitter and Instagram as well as getting more views from the WordPress reader itself. I have 907 blog followers currently so my views are terrible currently for someone with that followership. I feel like I will hit 1000 blog followers at some point this year if I can post more too so hopefully posting more will bring more people back who used to read my content and also bring new people too.


This has been my blog plans for 2019 guys. I would love to know what you guys think of them and if you have any tips for me I would love to read them in the comments. Thank you for reading and supporting my content guys and have a great day.