My part in the blogging world

My part in the blogging world

Hey guys, I am back with my first blog in 3 weeks due to being very busy with work and relaxation. The fact that I have barely been active for 3 weeks is also part of why I am writing this blog too. I have had some changes in how I feel about my involvement in the blogging community and in this blog, I will discuss those feelings and whether or not I feel like a big part of the blogging world. I would also love to know what you think my part in the blogging community is and how you feel about your own position in the blogging world. Let’s get right into the blog.

I have felt like my part in the blogging world has changed massively in recent weeks. I feel like I’m a shadow of the blogger I was when I wasn’t working due to the fact everything I did was based around my blog whereas now it just isn’t. I spent all day every day speaking to other bloggers and working on new content whereas now I’m lucky if I get an hour or 2 a week to write. I do think of ideas 24/7 but I don’t have the writing time to go with that.

I felt like I used to be a blogger that people communicated with for loads of advice as well as just general chat whereas now my interaction level on Twitter especially is through the floor. I have never been great at approaching people but in the past, that was never an issue because loads of people approached me. I feel like I’m only a minuscule part of the blogging world now whereas before I felt like I made a massive impact on the blogosphere.

How do you guys see my part in the blogging world? I’d love to know because so many people have come and gone on my blog that I’m unsure as to who is even here anymore. I am massively out of the loop and I do think I could get back into it even though the time isn’t there anymore. I will always be grateful for any follower, view or like I gain on my blog because I know it’ll be far harder to grow my blog due to working in such limited timescales.

I would also love to thank you guys for reading and supporting my content. I would also love to know how you view my part in the blogging world and how you view your own part in it. Thank you and have a great day.

6 thoughts on “My part in the blogging world

  1. Being part of the blogging world, however small a part, is worthwhile. There are those who have so much time to spend on writing and promoting their blogs, which is great for them, but for most of us blogging is when we feel like it and have the time for it.

  2. Yeah that’s so true 😊 I’ve been blogging for well over a year now and it’s something I’m so grateful for

  3. You have an amazing blog. The blogging community is great. People are so cheerful! However, it is not easy and you don’t need to feel bad for not blogging. You are still an awesome blogger. 😀

  4. This is the first post I’m reading but I intend to read more. However, I will say as a relatively new blogger myself that this community is a really friendly one and if there’s one thing I’ve realised is that anyone can share and be accepted. I’m sorry you feel as if you’re losing touch with who you were but I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who balance work and blog work quite well – maybe you just need some time to adjust? 🙂

  5. Thank you so much 😊 Been nearly 7 months into this job now lol feel as if it’s harder now than it was to begin with

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