My Self-care tips

My self-care tips

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is my first mental health-related post on my self-hosted blog. I have written a post about self-care before but I wanted to bring you things that work for me right now and that have kept me at the peak of my mental health. I am in a great position mentally and I want to aid you guys in your mental health battles. I’d also love for you guys to comment about tips you have that I didn’t mention or things you need help with mentally and I will try and assist you. Mental health is a big thing too that we all battle with so I’d love for you guys to share this post in order to help the world against the stigma of mental health.

Listening to music-  Music is such a great thing and you can listen to such a variation of stuff in such a short space of time. It brings us together too whether that involves being out clubbing together, being at gigs/concerts, being alone singing and just understanding the lyrics and meanings behind songs.

Gaming-  I have always been a massive gamer. From a young age, I was brought up with a controller of some sort in my hand. It helps so much with my emotions because it breaks me away from the stresses of regular everyday life such as work and my inner thoughts. There is such a large variation of games to play too and not all are expensive so you have a large choice and that helps me out massively.

Blogging-  So many people don’t actually realise that when writing about self-care tips that blogging itself is a form of self-care. Just sitting with a pen and paper can help so much as you can write down your thoughts and use it as a form of venting. Most of my blogs actually come from a vent of some sort.

Chatting to people-  Speaking out to someone whether it’s a partner, friend or family usually helps so much. The worst thing you can do is let your emotions and thoughts build up a lot and speaking out avoids this. You should always speak out about your mental health issues as someone will always care enough to help and understand.

Exercise- Sometimes just doing a basic exercise like walking or running can help so much. I used to go long walks in order to just clear my head and silence the voices in it. You can also explore some new places too and this is always a good thing.

Travelling- I don’t just mean aeroplane trips to other countries when I talk about travelling. Even getting a bus for like 20/30 mins to a different place and going a wander there used to help me so much. It means you aren’t just stuck in the house trapped within 4 walls all day.

Avoid alcohol-  This is a big one. I wish I avoided alcohol when I had bad mental health because alcohol just messes you up so much to the point where you don’t even know why you’re upset or angry. It’s also a massive waste of money too so it’s not even worth it most of the time anyway.

Budget planning-  Money is a big thing that we all stress a lot about. The best thing to do is to calculate what you need to spend on each week/month and that way it takes a lot of stress away. The last thing you need when you are down is to add extra stress because of paper or coins. I work a minimum wage job so it’s important for me to be careful with money but I manage very well right now and manage to save a lot.

Remove negative people-  People that cause drama or hassle when you feel like shit are so unnecessary and no matter how long you have known them if they aren’t positive then you absolutely don’t need them. I always say that it’s better to have one positive person over 100 ok people.

These have been the self-care tips that have helped me out in life in terms of getting back to my best. I would love to read about your mental health battles and also what tips you guys offer anyone who is struggling. Let’s get the word out there and battle together.

Thank you for reading and supporting my content guys.

20 thoughts on “My Self-care tips

  1. Gaming has always been my go to! I have friends that are like- you game? At your age? Well, it’s better than drowning my sorrows in alcohol! Which, unfortunately is what most of them do. I always have a hard time with that, since alcohol is a depressant why would you do that? Occasional beer or wine maybe, but we all self medicate in one way or another.

    Trying self-care is a much better option!

    Also, articles like this one, where we can see we are not alone in our struggles, and have tips that work for others are super helpful!

  2. Thank you so much. Yeah people are so judgemental that way even though we just know how to look after ourselves

  3. Great points! Self-care is so important, often we neglect ourselves because we think is selfish. Music is a great one for me. Thanks for putting this together.

  4. I’m really glad you added blogging to this. It’s so therapeutic to sit and write. I try to write whenever I feel my mental health is at its worst, as well as go on Twitter and reach out to people. It *is* a form of self-care. Great post!

  5. Yeah it’s one people always miss and I never know why tbh. Same with me. Thank you so much 😊

  6. You’re absolutely right about blogging as self-care—blogging these past few months has completely turned my mental health around. I’m glad to hear it’s helped others, too!

  7. Self-care is so important. I’m really trying to dedicate time each day to self-care.

  8. Such a helpful post with great tips! I like to do budget planning as well as it lessens my stress! Not sure about travelling for me cause it will means more money needed hahaha!

  9. You have some really great points on here! Self help is something I’m really trying to focus on in these next few weeks. I’m glad to hear it’s been working for you

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